Online MLM Marketing vs Prospecting

Online MLM Marketing vs Prospecting

With all the advancements with online mlm marketing and lead generation systems for network marketing the question is coming up.  Do I prospect or market?  The ability to get fresh leads for your network marketing business is crucial.  Without a steady flow of leads its going to be really difficult to grow your business.  This post is look at the pros and cons of mlm online marketing and online mlm prospecting as ways to grow your business.

Online MLM Marketing

"online mlm marketing"What is Online MLM Marketing?  Marketing online for your mlm is the practice of having an unknown person raise their hand to what you are offering and identifying themselves.  They do this by opting in (enter their info) onto your website.  When you have multiple marketing fishing poles if you will, out there on facebook, youtube, articles, ect ect you have a lot of ways for people to find you.  Wouldn’t it be cool if people that want to join an mlm and want to buy your products can be drawn to you and show up in your email box everyday?  What would your business look like?  Well that is what Online MLM Marketing can do for you.  Using a tool like the one mentioned below was the catalyst that helped me go full time in the network marketing industry.  When you can brand yourself as an expert and use trainings, capture pages, and offer helpful tips that you learn from being part of a marketing system your prospects will see you as the big dog and your online mlm recruiting flows a lot easier than chasing friends and family.

Is marketing online for MLM easy?  I thought online mlm marketing was hard to do so for 6 months I procrastinated on starting some mlm marketing.  It finally got to the point where I was in the no friends left club and I had run out of people to talk to.  I knew there was a learning curve and it would be slower start than prospecting but it would be worth it.  I spent thousands of dollars to buy tons of different courses and systems that didn’t seem to work.  I was frustrated and going broke spending more money than I was making.  One day I asked my sponsor how he learned to market online and what he does (hes #1 income earner in my company).  He told me about a online mlm marketing system designed specifically for people like me, network marketers who had no experience marketing online.  I was skeptical at first so I took the trial the Academy offers to test it out.  What I found was this system was so simple, the instructional videos and the checklist made everything so easy.  I learned that the key to Online MLM Marketing is you have to pick 1 strategy to generate leads from like blogging, videos, PPC, article marketing and much more.  Pick one strategy and stay with it consistently until you are generating 5-10 leads a day.  I’ve done this with blogging and facebook marketing.  If you are willing to go through the learning curve and generate leads, have no experience, and don’t have a lot of money to start something I would look at the Online MLM Marketing system my coaching clients use.

Online MLM Prospecting

What is Online MLM Prospecting? Prospecting online is when you meet someone over the internet (usually through a social media site like facebook, twitter, or youtube) and you connect with them and talk about helping them with your business.  This is personally one of my favorite ways to build the business and 1 of the most profitable.  I’ve personally recruited a little more than 30 people so far while prospecting online for my MLM.  The best way to prospect people online is through facebook and twitter.  I use these websites to expand my warm market.  Your goal is to meet more people and connect.  The key is to connect and become a friend.  Talk about what you have in common.  Learn if there is a need or want from your prospect that your business can solve.  Good questions you can ask are, ” have you guys been effected by economy?”  ” do you love what you do for a living?”  People don’t care what you know until they know how much you care.  If you have selfish ambitions as opposed to attitude of servitude with your prospect that will carry though to them and they will recognize it by your communication.  Once you have connected and you know why they would be open, prospect for your MLM by saying something like, ” you know mr prospect, you mentioned that you aren’t in love with your Job at (occupation___Jimmy’s Taco Emporium___) and I’m expanding my business right now, you seem like a sharp guy, would you be open to looking into a side project with me to make some extra money if it doesn’t interfere with your job at Jimmy’s Taco Emporium?”

Online MLM Recruiting

In this post we have been talking abou"online mlm recruiting"t online MLM recruiting with online mlm prospecting and online mlm marketing.  Both methods work great but lets some it up here.  As a professional networker how I split my time is this 70% is actively prospecting, recruiting and on the phone talking to people, 20% of my time is spent doing marketing, and 10% of my time is spent in personal development/training.

IF you need to make money now, you need to be prospecting everyday as this is the best way for you to make money now in MLM.  Prospecting online takes a little longer than belly to belly prospecting because it takes a little longer for the relationship to grow over the internet.  However, I have higher retention in my team from people I prospected and connected with as opposed to someone I recruited while marketing online.

IF you have time and don’t need to make money now, I would market online with the understanding that this is a slower way to build but highly effective.  Online mlm recruiting through your marketing is powerful because the prospect usually already knows who you are, considers you an expert

The reality is that you should be doing both.  Anyone can prospect online so you need to be able to share this strategy with your team and help them.  Those that want to market online it can pretty powerful to have a team of online marketers like we do. Embrace it!  If people don’t know where to start, have no experience, and not a lot of money then you are just like me when I started 3 years ago.  What I did was got started with My Lead System Pro and finally started running my business like a professional.

Whichever way you go just remember, Philippians 4:13 “You Can Do All Things Through Christ Who Strengthens You!”

Make it an awesome day

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