Online MLM Recruiting Strategies

Online MLM Recruiting Strategies (Part 1)

Online MLM recruiting strategies are easier than most people think.  However, if you are not willing to take the time to learn what to do or if you come into with the expectations of immediate overnight success you may be setting yourself up for failure.  If you have arrived at this post chances are high that you have tried talking to friends and family, burnt through you contacts sending texts and emails, tried sending messages/invites to people only to get blocked or zero response, or there is some fear around talking to people you know.

Whatever the reason is you are going to have a way to move forward by following the training in today’s post.  This is part 1 of a series of blog posts where I will be teaching different ways to use simple online marketing strategies to recruit for your MLM.  We will mostly focus on social media because almost everyone uses these platforms and if you team also follows my trainings you will experience duplication.  At the bottom of this post I’ll also share some warnings with you that you’ll definitely want to know about…

Online MLM Recruiting Strategies Overview Video

Below I am going to share with your the different strategies that are easy and available to anyone regardless if you are brand new or a ten year+ veteran in the direct sales industry.  This is part 1 of a series of online MLM recruiting strategies so be sure to bookmark this page and click back on these posts later for the next trainings.

Facebook MLM Recruiting – This is by far my favorite strategy out all of our trainings.  It is one of the fastest ways for anyone who is completely new to mlm and new to online marketing to sponsor some new recruits fast.  On this post I have two beginner strategies to share and 2 advanced strategies for the more advanced entrepreneur.

3 Ways to Use Facebook Recruiting

  • Your Existing Friends List
  • Facebook Groups (2 Kinds of Groups)
  • Facebook Ads (2 Things You Must Have for this to Work)

Click Here to View the Blog Post on MLM Recruiting with Facebook

online mlm recruiting strategies

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Youtube MLM Recruiting Youtube marketing to recruit for MLM has proven to be a highly effective strategy for me since 2009. In fact I can track just one video I have that is responsible for over $30,000 in income for me.  Video is one of the fastest ways to build trust with your prospects and effectively communicate your message. It is often one of the scariest strategies for most entrepreneurs.  If you want to build a large business online, this is essential for you to adopt at some point.

In this post I have a 4 Step Video Formula that you can easily follow for every video you create.  The hardest part is knowing what to say and how to start. In this training video I share exactly how to start and end every one of your videos AND I share how to optimize your videos to ensure they will be found in the search engines. Click here to Learn More about Online MLM Recruiting with Youtube

The beautiful part about this online mlm recruiting strategy is that once you create a piece of content (a video) it is out there in internet land forever! That means that as people search for answers to their questions they may find your video. If you have titled, tagged, wrote a great description of your video, and made a CTA (more about what a CTA is on this other blog post here) you have a great chance of sitting pretty in the search engines and having your prospects find you.  On this post I am mainly going to teach the free strategies of basic online mlm recruiting with youtube.  Be sure to enter your email & subscribe at the top right of this page you will get the future blog post about simple but advanced youtube marketing for mlm.

Snapchat MLM Recruiting  Snapchat recruiting for MLM is honestly not my speciality.  Come to this post ready to learn and be sure to add me on snapchat! Click Here to Learn more about Snapchat Recruiting

Instagram MLM Recruiting – Instagram mlm recruiting is probably the lowest barrier way to get started online.  Honestly, you can get pretty crazy with this one by having multiple accounts, using bots, and automated softwares to grow your accounts.  For this training I have invited another six figure earner and top ten company recruiter to train on this tactic.  She is actually who taught me how to use Instagram. My IG handle is rongelok, be sure to follow me 🙂 

Click here to View my Top Earner Instagram Recruiting Method

Blogging MLM Recruiting – Blogging to recruit for MLM is similar to youtube marketing in the aspect that you create a piece of content that stays out in internet land forever attracting prospects to you.  I started blogging in 2010 and without my website I can’t imagine having the life I have now.  Having a blog or website (same thing pretty much) is a critical core of an online business.  You can build an online business without it, but I strongly don’t recommend it.  This is probably the more difficult strategy to start, but is very easy to maintain long term. With a blog there is no limit to the size of a business you can create.  If you ever want to change direction, company, or what your business is, you will have already created a following with your blog.  The most important part of your blog is having offers on it and ways for people to subscribe to your content.  Without this you won’t be able to give people the solutions and help they are looking for and you’ll have a much harder time generating a large income online. Want to start a blog? Click Here to Learn How

"online mlm marketing"Email Marketing for MLM Recruiting – MLM Email Marketing has two main tactics you can use to build your company. The first is to purchase ads or sponsored content in other people’s newsletters to attract their subscribers to yourself and your offers.  This is a little more advanced because you have to have a website or capture page (a way to collect the web visitors email) in order to use this strategy.

The second email marketing mlm recruiting strategy is essentially another core for a long term brand.  One way your will communicate with your prospects, build rapport, trust, and eventually sell to them is through email communication.  Some trainers would like to argue that email marketing is dead, but last I checked you probably have checked your email already today, right? To see more of how this strategy works in action and how simple it is, enter your email at the top right of this page and join my email list.  You’ll get some free trainings to help you sponsor more and you’ll learn how an expert builds MLM through email marketing. I use a tool called Aweber to send out emails to a big list of people.

What I suggest is to pick one active online mlm recruiting strategy like Facebook, Instagram, or Snapchat and one content strategy like blogging and youtube to start.  The active strategies will keep your prospecting pipeline filled with people to present your opportunity to. The content strategies are more long term and take longer to gain traction but have very high sustainability and will produce an income for years to come.

Online MLM Recruiting Strategies – Take Aways

The important take-away from this blog post is that ALL of these strategies work.  You don’t need to do ALL of them at once. In fact I suggest that you pick one strategy and become a master at marketing with one method for a minimum of ninety days and then add another one to your marketing arsenal .  I have found that it usually takes me about ninety days of consistent effort to really get good at a strategy.  If I try to do too many things at once I run a big risk of self sabotaging.

Online MLM Recruiting WARNINGS

"recruiting online for MLM"

Look out for these MLM Traps!

Here are some warning signs you will want to be aware of.  You are going to experience at least one of these so knowing about them in advance will keep you in the game and prevent you from quitting.  Too often I see people give up just moments before they are about to strike gold and have all of this work for them!

  • Mismanaged Expectations – Whenever we expect something to happen a certain way and it doesn’t it will produce frustration for us.  We will naturally want to move away from the feeling of frustration and thus stopping our marketing learning curve or even quitting your mlm is what appears attractive.  Quitting your company or marking is not the solution, you need to step back and take a break, try something new, purchase a training course, or hire a coach like me to help you work through creating an online business.
  • Learning Curve – Remember when you were a kid and you were learning to ride a bike? Learning online mlm recruiting strategies are exactly the same in regards that it will take some time to learn and that you will make some mistakes.  The learning curve is different for everyone and some people pick up things fast and others it takes them longer.  I am a very slow learner but I am a big implementer. As long as you are practicing what you are learning you will avoid experience impatience.
  • Library Mode – This a common trap for new marketers.  Library mode is when you spend endless hours studying and learning these strategies but never actually trying any of them.  The mantra of someone in this trap is often, “I just want to know everything before I get started,” or “I need to understand it all before I get started.” This person is usually trying to avoid the pain of failure and making mistakes.
  • Fear of Man – Another way of saying this is that we are afraid of looking foolish in front of others.  We care too much about what other people think of us or how they view us.  The reality is that when you start this journey you will have people doubt you, call you names, and accuse you of wasting time or money.  This most often comes from the people closest to us and that we love the most. For more on this one check out my video that explains the dynamic of this here.
  • Fear of Failure – Similar to fear of man this is that we are afraid to try because failure hurts. If we don’t try we can’t fail and then we can get hurt. However, if you don’t try you will never experience the sweet taste of success. Their is some risk in being an entrepreneur but luckily MLM and online marketing are two of the very lowest cost and lowest risk businesses you can start. Imagine purchasing a franchise for hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars and then failing there? Thank God we have such low risk of failure in MLM.  You must move past the fear or making a mistake or butchering a prospect conversation. In order to learn what not to do you need to make mistakes, use your mistakes as learning points and reprograming your thinking to learn that failure is good.
  • Prospecting Regurgitation – This is when we immediately send someone an unsolicited link to our website and invite them to check out an opportunity.  When we do this we appear as a spammer. Its kind of like showing up a party with things to sell and trying not learn anyones name. Kind of weird right? You go to a party to socialize, build rapport, and make new relationships. Once you make new relationships you can then determine if there is a need, pain, or want that your product, service, or opportunity might be able to solve.  Do not throw up your business on new people without making a genuine connection with them first.  People don’t care what you have or what you do until they know how much you care about them first.
  • Success Deadlines – MLM Success Deadlines are often given by an entrepreneur’s spouse.  They are well meaning and have good intentions but are not always practical.  They are good if the person has a history of not implementing though.  However, you have to patient with yourself and trust the process of becoming a marketer and/or entrepreneur.  If you are not willing to allow yourself an abundant amount of time to learn and implement this may not be right for you.  I suggest giving yourself at a minimum six months of freedom to fail, learn, and move forward.
  • Fear of Success – What is your online mlm recruiting strategies actually work!? Believe it or not people are afraid of success because it means change. Change is uncomfortable for most people. I had a conversation with a prospect once and was told they didn’t want to earn more than $500 a month because if they earned more they would lose their disability income. But if you make more than $500 a month you wouldn’t need disability income and your income can grow!

With all of these warnings and traps they are easy to fall into when learning online mlm recruiting strategies. Just being aware of them if a huge way to prevent yourself from staying stuck in them.  Remember that we naturally want to move away from pain and frustration and if we associate pain with any part of achieving success, recruiting more people, learning online mlm recruiting strategies, or anything else we will unconsciously self sabotaging ourselves and others.

You may be saying, “these online mlm recruiting strategies look great, but how do all of these people actually sign up?”

Online MLM Recruiting Strategies (Part 2)

There are three places you want to send your prospects to by making a CTA (call to action) in all of your marketing

  1. Yourself – Text you, call, Direct Message
  2. Your Company Capture Page – If your company has a way to capture peoples contact information you can send prospects to this page. Not every company has this so you may want to get your own from a company that provides them for the MLM industry called My Lead System Pro
  3. Your Website – Your own website can act as a hub for everything you do online. All of your forms of marketing should point to your site. However, don’t do this unless you have a way to capture people’s information on your website.

"How To Get Customers in Network Marketing"

Once you have your prospect’s contact information then you can communicate with them and invite to view a presentation, answer questions, or close them into the business (depends where the prospect is in the recruiting process). 

If you want some help on knowing what to say to sign people up and starting those conversations, you can download my FREE Recruiting Script PDF by Clicking Here.

This blog post has a lot of information on it and I don’t expect you to understand all of it at once.  Bookmark this page as I will update this again in the future with more information, trainings, and free info to help you build your network marketing business with online mlm recruiting strategies.

What was your favorite online mlm recruiting strategy of this post? Leave a comment below to let us know.

Empowering You To Prosper,

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