Online Network Marketing and Prospecting

Online Network Marketing and Prospecting

Today I received a question f"Online Network Marketing and Prospecting"rom Eric in Charlotte, North Carolina about online network marketing and prospecting. He asks, ” Which is more effective online marketing or reaching out to people aka prospecting?”  In today’s video I dive deep and answer what new & veteran network marketers should do.

Traditional Network Marketing has been built belly-to-belly and prospecting our warm markets. Duplication has traditionally been created by driving deep within a new recruits contacts and tap rooting as far as you can.  This is wonderful and we should never forget or stop doing this as it is the foundations of our home business industry. The important thing to recognize is that both online and offline work methods work.  Driving deep into a new recruits market can be done online as well. But which method is better? or are they equal?

Online Network Marketing and Prospecting Training

I teach something called the 70/20/10 split that must be in place for network marketers and home business entrepreneurs in regards to prospecting and online marketing in order to build with both strategies effectively.  There is a balance that must be in place.  If you neglect the offline and don’t learn that strategy you won’t be able to successfully build while you are running your everyday life.  How would you then answer, “what do you do for a living?” Which is a common question, but for a network marketer is an opportunity to help someone if they are in need or your product or service. In the beginning you can not stop prospecting while learning online marketing because most people stop building their business all together. What I am saying is to do both until your online marketing is bringing in 10-30 leads a day. Once you have the lead flow, which is not hard to do, you no longer have the necessity of prospecting. When people are coming to you because of your marketing you just have to make calls to your leads and recruit.  Your prospecting that you have been doing until you get to this point will have made you a better recruiter and closer and only amplifies your efforts in online network marketing. Watch the video below to see what I mean.

Marketing Online and Prospecting are both great, eventually you want to get to the place where you just have high quality leads coming in constantly.  This process takes time, but it is absolutely worth it and it a big reason why I’m able work this business full time from home.  If I can do it, you absolutely can to. All I do is learn, do what I learn, see results, and then teach it to others to empower them to prosper. Remember this from the video as well…

“So let’s not get tired of doing what is good. At just the right time we will reap a harvest of blessing if we don’t give up. – Galations 6:9

Now be real, do you spend more of your time prospecting or marketing online to build your network marketing business? To Learn Exactly What I Do to generate leads online watch my short video training by Clicking Here To Learn More

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