"what is an online sales funnel"

What is a Online Sales Funnel

What is an Online Sales Funnel

online sales funnelWhat is an online sales funnel? isn’t the every day question that business owners are asking themselves but honestly, it should be.  An online sales funnel is a tool that every business can use to bring in more leads and buyers 24/7.  If your business is online or considering coming online this tool is an absolute requirement.  If you have a process for producing sales in your business offline just think about duplicating that process online and thats the first step to begin thinking about having an online sales funnel.


It’s 2017, and a recent article from Entrepreneur.com shared that 46% of small business owners still don’t have an online presence.  Most businesses and professionals gave the reason of “cost” for not having a website or an online sales funnel. Ironically, an online sales funnel has the highest potential to yield a large ROI and is extremely affordable for any small business.  So the truth is that cost is not really what is holding entrepreneurs back, its lack of knowledge of how to use or create an online sale funnel.  It may seem intimidating learning something new like this but once you have it built, it is better than having your industry’s best sales person working for you.  Sales funnels create time freedom, do all the heavy work of educating, build trust with prospects for you, and can create sales without you having to personally interact with your customers.

So What Is an Online Sales Funnel?

A online sales funnel is a very simple website, sometimes as little as 2 pages, that systematically converts a cold prospect to fan and buyer.  The funnel usually begins by having a free giveaway in exchange for a web visitors contact information.

The first page in a sales funnel is called an “opt in page” also known as a “capture page” because you are capturing a lead’s contact information.  In order for a capture page to be effective you have to have a good offer or “lead bait” also known as a “lead magnet.” A lead bait is the thing that you are giving away for free in exchange for the contact information.  The lead bait/magnet must be something your prospect really wants.  Start by thinking about what is very valuable to your potential customer that would solve a want, need, or provide a solution to a problem.  Use that as your free gift/lead magnet/lead bait.

Here are 12 Examples of Lead Baits you can use for your Online Sales Funnel:

  1. online-sales-funnel Guide Book
  2. Free Report
  3. Cheat Sheet/Handout
  4. Toolkit/Resource List
  5. Video Training
  6. Assessment/Test
  7. Software Download
  8. Free Trial
  9. Discount/Free Shipping
  10. Quiz/Survey
  11. Buyers Guide
  12. Free Sample


Step 2 of your Online Sales Funnel would be page 2, which we call a thank you page.  On this page you do a variety of things. For your first funnel I suggest using the thank you page to deliver the lead bait.  If you want to see an example of a thank you page, enter your name and email at the top right of this page and you’ll see a very interesting example of a great thank you page.  I’ll give you a hint, I use thank you pages differently than most people and I use them to make sales fast. You can also check out the video below to learn more about creating these funnels and pages easily.

What is an Online Sales Funnel Training Video

Where To Get an Online Sales Funnel?

If are in the home based business industry or a solo-preneur I suggest using My Lead System Pro.  MLSP has the tools to create you own online sales funnel, marketing training, and contact management system all in one place.  I suggest this tool because it offers additional support, education, and community that a larger small business may already have.  This is where I started in 2009, and highly recommend becoming a user and student of their system.

For any other business I would suggest taking a 14 day Free Trial with Clickfunnels.  Clickfunnels is #1 most widely used tool for online sales funnel creation for small business owners.  It also has the ability to host your own digital products, membership sites, and integrates with just about any kind of shopping cart you can get online.  Its my opinion that this is easiest tool to use.

If you would like more help with understanding how to build your business online and how online sales funnels work you will want to check out my other blog post on online business building here: http://rongelok.com/how-to-grow-any-business-online/

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