Online vs Offline MLM Recruiting, Which is Better?

Online vs Offline MLM Recruiting,

Which is Better?

Today we’re talking about what has historically and statistically built the strongest network marketing teams and businesses.  WARNING, some of you may feel a little uncomfortable with this but it is the simplest and in my opinion best model to duplicate.  In network marketing the focus needs to be on others.  Your system needs to be easy to follow, teach, do, and be fun in order for your business to grow deep without you at times.  However, you are the driving force and what your team sees you do, they will also do.  Well you want to focus on what makes money and duplicates.  So do I focus online mlm recruiting or offline mlm recruiting?  Monkey see Monkey do!

What are some things that every person has?"online offline mlm recruiting"

1. Place to Live

2. Television/Computer/Person

Ok which means everyone has the same resources and time (we are all given 24 hours).  Now what we do with our time is going to dictate our level of success or failure. Every person has access to build this business online and offline.

So Which is Better, Online of Offline MLM Recruiting?

The simplest and best way to get good duplicating teams a network marketing company in my humble opinion is to do home meetings.  But Ron, you use the internet to recruit? Yes, your darn right I do and it works.

Here’s a secret I’ve found…

When I recruit a person online, unless its from facebook, that new recruit usually thinks he/she has to do the business the same way (not always the case).  So they take the internet marketing route and struggle by themselves without getting any kind of training or systems and then they eventually quit.  I usually try to talk people out of internet marketing because they think its the answer or some kind of holy grail.  If you don’t need to make money NOW then don’t talk to warm market and do internet marketing, but if you want an income now, well get on the phone and schedule a grand opening meeting at your home or place of business.  The reality is that online marketing for your mlm is a compliment to most people’s business due to the traditional success path in this industry of building offline belly to belly.  Most people do not want to become internet marketers, and I don’t want them to.  I want them to keep it simple and make money following the proven system.  We want ordinary people willing to follow a simple system to make them into extraordinary people.  However, if I have taken the time to develop a friendship with online recruits via Facebook they are much easier to help see results and checks because they are willing to do what you do.  If you connected with them on Facebook then all they know is Facebook and offline meetings and they will see success easier than someone who has been exposed to all the fancy do-dads, gurus, systems, and thingys because they have no preconceived notions on how they think they should build.  In other words, your rep is a clean pallet you can work with to develop into duplicating Leaders that teach others to become Leaders.

How Do I Know If Online MLM Recruiting is For Me?

Online recruiting is for the person that wants to add additional income and reps to their business.  However, I don’t think its for everyone.  Just like anything else there is a learning curve to go through.  In my opinion here’s who online mlm recruiting and marketing IS NOT FOR:

  • Those looking for an easy b"online mlm recruiting"utton
  • Those not willing to commit for at least 6 months
  • Inconsistent people
  • Looking to get rich quick
  • New to MLM
  • Those addicted to immediate results
  • Don’t want to be on the phone

I say this not to discourage you or detour you from pursing online mlm recruiting but to show you that right now the offline system you have works and that Online MLM marketing is an additional tool you can use to grow your business.  Its not a requirement.

When am I Ready for Online MLM Recruiting?

Online MLM Recruiting is really for leaders.  (Only exception is Facebook prospecting, which everyone and anyone can/should do.)  The key to getting people to follow you and want to work with you online is to offer them immense value.

Here’s the million dollar tip in this post for online MLM Marketing.  If you can give your prospects so much value that they feel guilty for not paying for the information, you’ll create an online presence and fans like the big dogs in the industry.  

The online world is not the end all be all, its only a fraction of whats going on but its whats easy for everyone to see because of the nature of social media.  Realize that offline learning curve is so much easier.  When you have that level of trust and show your helping others, people will join you.  You are ready for Online MLM Recruiting if:

  • Recognized that Online MLM marketing is passive and is a long term strategy – This is something that you focus on during hours of the day that you can’t be calling people.
  • Recognized Not an Excuse to avoid being on the phone or prospecting
  • Your making money offline in MLM already (offline success is easy to transfer to online)
  • You want to create an online presence to stay in touch with your team and bring value and training to them
  • Tired of talking to friends and family
  • Want qualified people to talk to everyday
  • Want to attract leaders at your level and above to you

Get good at recruiting and know how to duplicate your results so when you do recruit people online you can lead them down the path where the will experience the best results.  If you feel you are one of the few that’s ready online MLM Recruiting, start researching systems designed to teach network marketers how to do online and offline MLM recruiting.

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