Prospecting Recruiting Strategies For Network Marketing

Prospecting Recruiting Strategies

For Network Marketing

After 18 years of failing in any business, I would have given up a long time ago. But my friend Lisa Torres did not! After 2 years on being on unemployment I would have felt pretty depressed but the tenacity of today’s trainer is simply impressive.  Today I have an exclusive interview with home business leader Lisa Torres. The "prospecting recruiting strategies for network marketing"reason why I wanted to interview her was to hear about her prospecting recruiting strategies for network marketing.  Lisa sponsored 700+ people in less than 9 months!  Not only that, three of her personal team mates have hit the top ranks in her company and either trained or was acknowledged on stage this year.  So obviously I want to know what she is doing. Grab something to write with because this interview is good.

Lisa has a 4 part training series that is 100% free social media strategies to get 30-40 leads per day, average 1 sale per day, and she only works 60 minutes per day! Lisa’s prospecting recruiting strategies for network marketing are second to none and I can’t believe she only works 1 hour a day.

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In this interview Lisa shares:

  • 2 Strategies for Network Marketing
  • How to Overcome Prospecting Fear
  • Her personal story of how she went from 18 years of failing to 9 straight months of success
  • How to get more training from her

Prospecting Recruiting Strategies Video

Lisa has a 4 Part Video Training Series on her Daily Routine for 30-40 leads per day working 60 minutes a day.  If you would like to get access and register for our live training Click Here for Lisa’s 100% Free Recruiting Strategy.  

Lisa and I work in one the same companies. In 9 months she has gotten to a higher rank then I have working 4 years in the same company. I thought I had good results but this tenacious Brooklyn girl has got the recruiting goods!

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