How Top Network Marketers Get Started Online

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How Ray Higdon Got Started Online…

Have you ever wondered how some of the top networkers and internet marketers got their start in the industry? There are a few successful people I’ve been able to study and learn more about and what made them successful. I a"Ray Higdon My Lead System Pro"lways find those interviews and history lessons incredibly powerful and inciteful towards running my own business. Today I want to create this experience for you as well. Today I have an exclusive interview with one of my best friends and industry giants, Ray Higdon. I’ve known Ray for many years and we were real estate competitors in the same town for years before he introduced me to network marketing and then introduced me to the right people to learn internet marketing. The inspiring thing about Ray is that he started both businesses while he was in personal foreclosure.  I recently met up with Ray Higdon in Austin, Texas at an event called Live The Dream that is put on by My Lead System Pro, where Ray and I were both speakers at the event.  I hope you enjoy this video interview I did with Ray Higdon on attraction marketing and gain further insight and belief on how you to can start living a more powerful life.

Ray Higdon attraction marketing is second to none and his mantra seems to be, “add value to the marketplace.”  The basics of how we practice attraction marketing for network marketing is a simple 3 step process…

  1. Find a Target Market’s Pain, Problem, Need, and Wants
  2. Solve That Market’s Problems by delivering solutions in the form of online content (like this blog)
  3. Communicate that Solution aka Value to your target market by getting in front of them by Marketing on the Internet

Ray dives more into how he started practicing this simple process in this exclusive interview in the video below.  By the way, you won’t find this candid interview anywhere else and if find value in this, be sure to leave a comment at the bottom of this blog post.

Ray Higdon – My Lead System Pro Interview


Ray Higdon My Lead System Pro has taught me about expressing my message, making an impact to others, and simply adding value to the market place.  Many of us who know Ray Higdon know that he doesn’t market like “what mlm is ray higdon in” or “join ray higdon network marketing,” cause thats not really adding value. Instead on Ray Higdons Blog he talks about attraction marketing, marketing online to recruit for network marketing, a ton of mindset that all entrepreneurs need, and all of this really over delivers on the value.  A key Biblical principle that I have learned that Ray follows as well is to Under Promise and Over Deliver.  This principle is very apparent when communicating value to his target audience of network marketers.

"What MLM Is Ray Higdon In"This is the beginning of practicing attraction marketing and attracting people to you to join your network marketing company, buy your products, and want to work with you.  If your hearing about this concept of marketing online to grow a network marketing business it may seem odd as traditionally network marketing is built by calling friends and family and having home parties (nothing wrong with that), but there are other ways.  There is a ton of training on the internet about marketing online for network marketing and practicing attraction marketing but its hard to know who to trust. That being said, I have full confidence and trust in my friend Ray Higdon not only because I’ve worked with him personally for years but also because of his results, which more than speaks for itself.

So at this point you may begin understand how important and different is to lead with value when marketing online.  When this first clicked with me I know I started asking myself questions like, “is marketing online hard to do,” “I don’t even know how to start, how long will this take?” or I even asked myself, self defeating questions and thoughts like “good for that guy,” or “I don’t have the time and I don’t want to learn that internet stuff.” Honestly, the more time I spent learning from My Lead System Pro, which is where Ray Higdon and Myself learned online marketing, the better my mindset developed, the better my recruiting got, and the better my marketing online got and now I never run out of leads or people to talk to. I’m very thankful for Ray Higdon My Lead System Pro, because I no longer have a job and I’ve been able to impact thousands of people online and help hundreds go full time in our industry.

Personally I find it inspiring the amount of gratitude Ray has for My Lead System Pro and the people behind the company who are helping hundreds of thousands of entrepreneurs grow any kind of business online. I look at Ray’s track record and followed a similar path and decided to learn from the same system and my life is not the same anymore. Thanks to his wisdom and the same marketing system I no longer have a Job and get to spend my time pursuing my passions of empowering people to prosper, sharing jesus, skateboarding, traveling (almost a dozen places this year) and other extreme sports. If you would like to learn more about My Lead System Pro and how Ray Higdon and I have become full time internet and network marketers Click Here to get a free video that will explain more.


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p.s. Want a recent replay how Ray Higdon teaches how to be an expert in 3 minutes a day? – Click Here

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