Script to Call MLSP Leads

Script to Call MLSP Leads

A lot of leaders in use marketing systems to grow their home based business.  If you do not have people to talk to consistently to grow your network marketing business you don’t have a business.

What is MLSP?

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MLSP stands for My Lead System Pro and it is the #1 Attraction Marketing System on the internet.  The industry’s top marketers and networkers use this tool because there is no BS and hands down creates Results.  MLSP teaches newbies who have had 0 success, seasoned veterans, and 6 and 7 figure earners.  The system gives you a way to generate leads every day, earn affiliate commissions, and create a steady lead flow of people who want to know more about you and your business.  Most importantly what it does is help you sponsor more people every week consistently and its a tool I use that I didn’t need much computer knowledge or any internet marketing experience.  This is MLSP.

Like any other business you need a way to operate professionally and have new representatives and customers coming in daily.  If you don’t have a system or an up line that teaches this, you may want to evaluate where you are.

MLSP Leads

Now that you have a system and are creating leads.  What do you say to them?  When do they buy? How do they join my business!?  Slow down cowboy

You need to find out what a person’s need is and then provide a solution to them.  In order for someone to do business with you, they need to know you and trust you.  It is nice that MLSP’s automated marketing brands you as a leader and gets your prospects trusting you an opening up with their problems so you can help them.  When you call your MLSP leads here is something different you may not here.


"how to talk to mlm leads"I know that sounds weird but try this, instead, connect and offer value.  Your goal is to have someone asking what it is you do and wanting to work with you.  When you don’t pitch (which is what people are expecting) you position yourself powerfully showing your prospect that you don’t “need” them, they need you.  People don’t know what they don’t know.

Find out what it is that is hurting them the most… is it the fact that they’ve run out of people to talk to belly to belly?  Are they tired of using corporate replicated websites that simply do not work?  Are they tired of struggling to generate any leads to their business?  Do they hate their primary company? (heck, you might get a sign-up in your primary business right on the spot!)

Here is what you can say to prospect like the Leader you Are


MLSP Script

Hello (lead firstname), my name is (your firstname).

I’m getting back to you because you responded to a website of mine requesting some information on how to successfully build an MLM business.  Have you had a chance to review the websites?

* So Mr. Prospect, Do you have any experience in the network marketing industry? (***Make sure you’re using their first name often!***)

* How long have you been in the industry?

* What business are you promoting?

* How have your results been up to this point?

* How are the leads coming?  Offline / Online?  What is your sponsor / company telling you to do to generate leads?

* What are some of your goals in the next year with your business?

* What do you think will be required for you to hit those goals?

These questions allow you to understand and know where your MLSP lead is while connecting and building rapport. 

Now Provide Solution

You: Ok Mr. Prospect… well what if I could provide a solution for you.  What if I could provide a duplicable system that you and your team could plug into that would get you online TODAY with the exact sales funnels, websites, and marketing approach that every single top earner in this industry uses. Do you think that could help your business?

MLSP has a 2 week trial period where anyone can try it out, evaluate if they like the tool, and generate some leads.


Be sure to check out the next post on MLSP Voicemail script.  What do you say if someone doesn’t answer the phone?

Be sure to leave a comment on MLSP scripts and share with your friends.

Have an awesome one!

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  • Nathan Argenta

    June 19, 2015

    Great information on MLSP Ron… LOVE the MLSP script as well. Will be for sure using that when I call my leads/prospects. Thanks Ron! 🙂

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