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How to Do Network Marketing

Welcome to network marketing!  Today’s post is speaking to new home based business entrepreneurs and network marketers. If you are new to MLM this post is for you.  Network Marketing is what I consider to be the last bastion of free enterprise.  One of the unique things in life is that with $1500 or less you can have a business that gives you freedom to spend more time with family, pay off debts, and become financially free!  Life is too short to be stuck working forever.  Its important to realize that network marketing is not a “get rich quick scheme” but is a get rich plan but it is a long term plan.  Everyone starts part time and as your team and income grows to a level of about 1.5 times your current income then it may make sense for you to make the transition to full time networker.  (conversation you may want to have with your sponsor)

So What Should New Network Marketers Expect?

IF you are new to network marketing, congratulations!  The feeling of overwhelming excitement and nervous energy is one that many of us haven’t felt since we were kids.  I mean you just started a business that going to create financial freedom for you and your family! But wait just a second there buddy, cause negative nancy, bitter betty, and hating harry are coming around to corner to steal that dream from you.  Its surprising to new network marketers when friends and family appear negative or skeptical about your new business but very typical.  Often times because of the new excitement and energy we want to share with everyone the powerful reality of truly having a better life through home based business.  However, the excitement/passion can scare off others because of our communication method.  You see if a realtor wants you to buy a house he tells you where the house is and takes you to it to check it out.  He lets the house sell and doing the heavy lifting.  Now in network marketing you need also act like a professional.  Meaning, don’t explain, chase, beg, bug, or hound people to join/look at your network marketing opportunity.  If you do, you appear desperate, scammy, and even crazy!  I Can’t tell you how valuable it was for me to start with someone who was full time and new what they were doing, man that cut months and maybe years off my learning curve.  Often times in this industry its the blind leading the blind, so be cautious and research your potential sponsor, company, and the system the company is using to duplicate.  I encourage you to look into grabbing a copy of what I consider to be the Network Marketing Bible.  I haven’t met a top earner that hasn’t read this book.  I think its smart to be prepared for everything.  Network Marketing Bible

Uncensored, Unbiased Reality of Network Marketing

The Good, The Bad, and The Not So Handsome

The beautiful thing about network marketing is that anyone can have a home based business for $1500 OR LESS.  The bad thing is ANYONE can have a home based business.  Its important to understand that professional network marketers are not out there to recruit every single pers"new network marketing"on they know/meet.  Some people you don’t want to work with and may actually bring some stress to my stress free home based business.  Its important to know who are the best people for your home based business.  The good thing about network marketing is that anyone that is willing to follow our proven system and stay consistent over time can create a 6 figure residual income, its just going to take some a little longer than others.  The good thing about mlm business is that I have the freedom to create my own hours and work when and where I want.  The bad thing is i have that same freedom but no one is telling me what to do, I have full control over my time, I don’t have to punch a clock, so the only one that is responsible for my own success is me. You have to be the one willing to do the work when you don’t feel like it; in Corporate America if you don’t feel like it, well you’re fired.  In home based business we may call that Tuesday or Wednesday.  You can take off whenever you want and not lose money, not lose anything and be able to return to your business without fires to put out.  This past week my grandpa had a risky surgery so i took off for the week to go to NJ to be with my family.  When I returned home there was an additional $715.81 that I wasn’t expecting produced for me that week while I was with my family.  So lets just make sure we got this down.  Corporate America take off for 1 week=no pay and playing catch up work, home business= take off for 1 week and I got paid $715.81 to be with my family in scary situation.  The not so handsome thing is that we been told that the traditional road is the only way to a happy successful life.  The reality is that path still works for some but its becoming narrower and smaller as uncertainty in the economy/job market continues.  Again the best thing is that anyone with a hunger and desire can change can view a legitimate home based business opportunity and realize with consistent efforts and a proven system that a life that touches, moves, and inspires is truly possible.  Imagine what life would look like if you had just an extra $500 coming in; did you know that would save roughly 90% of foreclosures in America?  Realize that you have the power to help people.

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  • Ryan Biddulph

    March 13, 2012

    Hi Ron,

    Hunger and desire: the 2 keys, awesome mentions.

    Hungry people do well in NM. People who want it, and make no excuses. Decide to kill it, then do it. Simple.



  • Ron Gelok

    March 14, 2012

    @Ryan Biddulph – right on ryan! thats really all it is.

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