"social media mistakes"

Social Media Mistakes

10 Big Social Media Mistakes

When someone starts an online business or work from home program one of the initial thoughts that occurs is, “how am I going to tell people about this!?”  Almost immediately the first idea is to send email blasts and post about it on social media.  However, most people do this wrong and end up sabotaging their would be customers and team members by approaching people like they got more dollar signs hanging on them then a Christmas tree has ornaments.   Since 2009, I’ve been building businesses using social media and have recruited hundreds of professionals into my businesses and programs online.  In today’s video post I’m going to share 10 social media mistakes that sabotage your efforts so you don’t have to make the mistakes I did and see effective results in your marketing.

Top 10 Social Media Marketing Mistakes

  • Tagging massive amounts of people in a post to check out your promotion/company
  • Mass messaging to people about a product/service/event
  • Spending Advertising Money without knowing what your ROI (return on investment) will be
  • Unsolicited advice on other people’s advice (I prefer to pose questions or ask if they would like my thoughts)
  • Posting random purchase links to products
  • Arguments – I tend to stay away from religion, politics, sex, and other
  • Game Requests and Your Facebook Activity (more about this in the video below)
  • Posting links to every webinar or opportunity call that your company has
  • Cheesy status updates like, “Ready to help the next 10 people live the life of their dreams and make $2109364 from home” – This will alienate you and make the people that know you run away.
  • Get the rest of these mistakes by watching the video below…

Don’t Make These Social Media Mistakes

Social media is one of my most effective marketing strategies.  However when people say, “they are doing social media,” what the heck does that mean.  What most amateurs are doing is spamming in tons of Facebook and Linked In groups with “well written status updates” (laying on the sarcasm there) and thinking that their clever posts will separate themselves from the thousands of others doing the same thing.  What effective marketers are doing is reaching highly targeted audiences with specific offers that are taylor fit to their wants, needs, pains, problems, and desires.  When you actually offer something that people specifically want and present that in a way that over delivers to that targeted audience your going to gain customers, reps, and make sales, it is inevitable.  To learn more about how to get more recruits for your business Click Here to Get my Free Leader Recruiting Training. I hope you enjoyed this post where you can effectively learn how to use social media in business without making costly mistakes like the top 10 social media mistakes in this blog post.


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