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After Social_Media_Recruiting_Script_Bookpersonally sponsoring over 300+ representatives into multiple network marketing companies using mostly Facebook and social media.   I am proud to announce the very results oriented Social Media Recruiting Training Class.  This class will meet for 1-2 hours once a week for 3weeks and will be very simple and straight forward whether you are a long time Veteran or beginner to network marketing and/or social media.  What I teach flat out works whether you are Steve Erkel or Barkack Obama, it’s simple if you can follow a easy step by step action plan that I lay out.

Here are the full details for the class:

Facebook is the ultimate weapon for a network marketer. The problem is that most networkers don’t know how to properly use it. We think we do but we don’t, how do you know if you or aren’t?  Well if your not sponsoring a minimum of 5 people a month from Facebook you are leaving money on the table, people in their jobs, and not living up to your potential or the power of Facebook recruiting.

Before I share what to expect here are what other students have experienced…

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Here Is What You Can Expect With Ron’s Social Media Recruiting Mastery

  • My Daily Routine to Sponsor 7 – 16 Reps Per Month
  • What to Say to Prospect, Recruit, and Close
  • Who Are The Best Prospects & Where To Find Them
  • How To Create Massive Team Duplication
  • How To Create a Team Culture of Action, Duplication, and Servant Leadership
  • How To Talk to People You DO Know and People You DON’T Know

If your looking for realistic results from a top recruiter without breaking the bank. Sign up for my 3 week class where I will personally coach and train you with the contacts you have, your existing conversations, and exactly how to have a constant stream of steady prospects.

Anyone can start a conversation up on Facebook with a stranger but because of 5 parts of your Facebook profile, and if even 1 of them are off, this can completely blow your recruiting efforts.

  1. Banner Photo
  2. Profile Photo
  3. About Me Section
  4. Job Description (box on the left hand side of your profile)
  5. Status Updates

If you don’t know the keys of what to NOT put there and what to put there, regardless of how well you speak and how much a communicator you are there won’t be congruency with your recruiting and how you look.  If there is a disconnect that prospect won’t join.

Here are the full details for the class:



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If you would like to personally learn from me for the next 3 weeks. Grab your seat here

Want to Become a Top Recruiter In Your Company Also?













Keep Running Into Other Network Marketers Trying to Pitch You?

Surprise surprise other people are also prospecting your for their company. Rather than completely disregard this conversation or get upset with the other networker you can use these conversations to move your business forward. BUT there are 5 signs of an amateur networker you want to be aware of.  These people you can absolutely help in multiple ways.

5 Signs of Amateur Network Marketers

  1. Company Products as Pictures in Profile or Banner
  2. Status updates are not 90/10 ratio. Ratio of regular posts to company/biz opp posts
  3. You are sent a company link without having any kind of relationship or rapport with a person
  4. Your job description in your profile has your network marketing company name
  5. You make silly status updates like, “ready to help 5 people make their next million online” (please don’t do that last one, I’ll show the status updates I make that actually work)

Now if you have made some of these mistakes, don’t worry. We all have done it at first and you simply don’t know what you don’t know. But rather than stay in the dark come learn and I’ll shed some light and show you the way. In This Class I’m Going to Teach the easiest people to help/recruit and how to instantly identify them in under 60 seconds.






20 Reps in 1st 6 weeks








Social Media Recruiting Mastery Training – If you would like to personally learn from me for the next 3 weeks. Grab your seat here

See You In Class!

Empowering You To Prosper,

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