SPECIAL GUEST! How To Win Incentive Trips and Create Momentum in MLM

How To Win Incentive Trips and

Create MLM Momentum

Today we have someone really awesome on today’s post.  This guy started seriously working his business part time back in December and since has had awesome results."donlachance"

How To Create MLM Momentum

  • Became a top recruiter
  • Won a Top Cancun Vacation Package for 2
  • Rank Advanced to leadership level of 4Star Manager
  • Rank Advanced ton of his team members
  • Has incredible duplication and momentum
  • DOING IT ALL PART TIME and doesn’t have a single Website

His name is Don LaChance and he is an awesome leader.  He is 59 years old, is not a crazy internet marketer, and just keeps it simple.  Didn’t come with a big team from some other company or anything like that. I learned some powerful tips from Don.  I think you can really feel this guy’s energy and spirit and what he is really out to accomplish.  He is outwardly focused and has a passion for helping others.  Listen in on this audio for his secrets! Warning: In this audio we mention our company a bit, this Audio is to help my numis network team and even if you are not part of the team, you can apply what Don says and see similar results. Leave a comment at the bottom of the post or share on Google + if you enjoyed this.

The “Don” LaChance Way

Side note: While we were on the call, Don had someone sign up into business, how awesome is that!?  If you want Don’s results follow what he does.

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  • Joel

    April 9, 2012

    Don is THE MAN!!! So happy to be partnered with a leader and great human being such as this man. No wonder he is “failing” his way to the TOP!!!

  • Nora Heffernan

    May 10, 2012

    I enjoyed this post very much and agree with you Ron – Don is an awesome leader who's always willing to help and has great values (as you do Ron)… I'm proud to be on a team with so many great leaders to learn from. 🙂 You just don't find this type of integrity in the 'normal' job market out there.

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