Sponsoring Network Marketers

Sponsoring Network Marketers

"sponsoring network marketers"Sponsoring existing network marketers is my favorite people to work with and recruit. A lot people wonder who are the best mlm prospects. People with a lot of influence and large networks are the obvious given but where a lot networkers are sitting on untapped potential is this target audience of existing professionals in our industry.  Network Marketers already understand the business model and have the skill set or willing to learn the skills you need to be a true professional.

Sponsoring Network Marketers

One guy all the way from Israel has been crushing it in his business using this exact tactic. My friend Vitally Dubinin. Vitally I have been watching climb up our lead generation system for network marketers.  Today he put me in the “Hot Seat” and really dug deep to find out exactly what I do that allowed me to recruit 300+ people on Facebook.

Hot Seat Interview to Sponsor 300+ on Facebook

We talked a lot about where we learned this tactic and how we generate leads. If you would like to take the test drive for 10 days and get free access to my online marketing group coaching program. Click Here to check out our system. I’ll tell ya, the big dogs in your company are generating leads and sponsoring network marketers online and you should be to.

What did you learn from this Hot Seat Interview on Sponsoring Network Marketers? Leave a comment below.

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