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Are you in the Work From Home Business industry or looking to start a home business?  In 2009 I made the decision  to get started in this industry and left a career in real estate.  In today’s post I want to speak about 3 daily action steps a christian entrepreneur can take in order to have a powerful day.  I recently posted, How To Have a Daily Routine For Network Marketing, and I really should have included these steps in that post.  I would read today’s post and then hop over to the daily routine post so you’ll know exactly what to do daily, how to never run out of leads, and always have people to recruit, sponsor, and empower to prosper.

Start a Home Business

To start a home b"start a home business"usiness usually this begins with researching a bit about different industries or opportunities that would appeal to you.  There are tons of common sense blog posts and trainings out there that can share some tips with you and then try to backend you into that writer’s specific opportunity.  Nothing wrong with that but that is not so much today’s post.

As a Christian Entrepreneur I would encourage to seek God first and his plan for your business life and the steps you should take.  I know that serving the home business industry is where he has me right now.  One step you can take is to pray for “divine appointments” and ask God to lead you in the steps you should take. For example, I have a home business that I’ve been building and helping people with for years.  A few days ago I prayed and asked God, “Lord please bring the right people into my business that can help grow the business and that I can point to you.”  Since that prayer I have sponsored 2 additional representatives I normally wouldn’t have and they contacted me.

The second part of these steps to start a home business is the motives of your heart.  Lets be real, everyone wants to make more money and have wealth, its not a bad thing. However, in our industry it is extremely relationship oriented more than traditional business and if your heart motives is not to serve and help people than you are going to have a tough time building any opportunity…period.

For the 3rd step to start a work from home program, refer to the video below where I outline all 3 Steps.

Video: 3 Steps to Start a Home Business

Today’s training was a little different than traditional trainers in our space. Many will rattle off 12 points to picking a company or something like that and using purely logic to evaluate an opportunity. However, the bible shares with us 2 powerful lessons that really behooves us as entrepreneurs to practice.  The first is found in the book of Mathew…

“Seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all of these things will be added unto you.” – Mathew 6:33

The verse encourages us to seek God’s will and direction.  The reality is if He did indeed create us than he also knows the wants, needs, and desires of our heart and will provide for us as we trust in Him and implement your Faith by take action steps like some in today’s post.

The second lesson comes from the author Paul in the book of Romans

“For those who are led by the Spirit of God are the children of God.” – Romans 8:14

Being lead by peace of God is something that passes our understanding and may not make sense to other people.  In all of our ways as we acknowledge and seek God’s direction we will know which ways to move forward, if that doesn’t compute with you today you may want to apply the 3 steps I teach in today’s post and be in a state of expectation to see them come to pass.  There are a lot of allures and other distractions that will present themselves as you begin to start a home business and its crucial to stay focused on God and working the business that he has directed you to.  Without being lead by God’s spirit in what we do we are really just spinning our wheels and making noise.

For my regular readers you can probably tell the direction I am moving in regarding serving the home business industry.  How do you feel about having God lead you in business? Leave a comment below to let your voice be heard.

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