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How To Influence People

How To Influence People

How To Influence People is a Book and topic the author John Maxwell is an expert in. As a leader there are 2 ways to lead, 1 though positional leadership and 2 through influence. Similar principles of think and grow rich or dale Carnegie – How to Win Friends and Influence People are seen in the book..

If you are in any kind of team building business, whether it be influencing people in network marketing, direct sales, mlm or any similar structure you want to create an environment where people want to follow and model you not because you are their up-line or boss but because of who you are. How To Influence People is a higher level skill as it can be used on masses, this is another reason I leverage the internet and these business models.

How To Influence Your Team

Some ways you can achieve this”

– Lead By Example – The more you produce the more your team looks to your guidance and leadership

– Celebrate Others – Everyone craves acknowledgement and acceptance and by publicly creating a positive experience for a representative for making profit producing activities you not only gain influence among people but you model how they should duplicate this experience in their teams.  Remember you always want to be teaching to teach and empowering others to do what you do.

– Don’t React, Respond – Respond instead of reaction means you take the emotional charge out of the situation, incident or problem. It is a great opportunity to turn confrontation into a positive situation.  Understand that most people come from a place of pain, lack, or frustration and as a leadership you not only need to be sensitive to these pains whether justified or irrelevant but you need to be able to respond in a way that your message is received. How To Influence People is awesome.

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How to Succeed in Multilevel Marketing

What You Need to Succeed in Multilevel Marketing

How should we be operating.  Today’s post I believe to be powerful and can change your entire business, if you grab hold of this.  I’ve always done my best to have the mindset that I am prosperous and abundant,  everything I set my hand to shall prosper, and other positive things for my life. Almost all of affirmations are backed by the word of God which I believe to be absolute truth.  If you don’t thats ok, this is not a post regarding religion but it is a post on how I use my faith to grow my network marketing business and how you can to.

How to Succeed in Multilevel Marketing

At some point in your multilevel marketing career you reac"how to succeed in multilevel marketing"h a point of no return and this rare individual has made a hardcore decision to succeed. He or she has Faith that what they are building is going to work and there is no doubt in the mind.  Rejection doesn’t bother them, they have contagious belief, high confidence, and their energy is something that attracts people. How to have success in multilevel marketing because a lot simpler.

Well having faith is great and all but its nothing without work.  See the word makes a lot promises about success, prosperity, and abundance in all areas of our lives but how do we tap into it?

How to Exercise My Faith

1. Have Faith – You see faith is evidence of things not seen but hoped for.  If you have not reached the level in your company your aiming towards but you are still working, you have faith that you will get there.  Faith comes by hearing and reading the word.  Faith comes by putting yourself out there a little and just making a conscious decision to believe.  The more information you put into your head from the word regarding the promises of a better life and who you are the more faith you will develop.

2. Exercise your faith –  What do you mean? Am I just supposed to click my heals and squeeze my forehead really hard until things just happen? Silly talk! You see in the book of James 2: 17-18 ” In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.  But someone will say, “You have faith; I have deeds.” Show me your faith without deeds, and I will show you my faith by my deeds.”

You see because we have faith we are going to succeed.  Something very key is said here and its the most important part of this post; “i will show you my faith by my deeds!” So we do the activities that will carry us foward like prospecting a certain number of people everyday, being consistent with your marketing, attending networking events, and ect.  When you have faith that you are going to succeed you know that you are exercise your faith by consistently working towards what your creating with belief that it will work.  Now that is operating from a place of power!  You have faith and because you have faith you work diligently knowing that regardless of what you may see in your bank account and in your life that blessing and increase is coming.  Do not doubt, don’t be double minded, not a position of powerful living there.

3. Perseverance – Warning: You may not like to hear this.  Ever notice how people of greatness have usually gone through some tough crap?  You may have faith and are exercising it but life is still going to happen.  There are days when the bank account is low and bills are at the door.  There are days and weeks where you have prospected 30 people a day and they all said no.  Sometimes distrubutors in your team quit.  Heck sometimes life is just crazy with the kids, work, bills, the dog, a million different things that there isn’t enough time to do.  Well guess what, congratulations.  In James 1:2-5 it says, “Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters whenever you face trials of many kinds, because the testing of your faith produces perserverance.  Let perserverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.”

Keep pushing through.  Everytime I have pushed through I have come out on the other side more powerful and it was worth it!  James 1:12″Blesses is the one who perservers under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord promised to those who love him.”

Lastly, have an attitude of Gratitude and Trust.  Be thankful for where you are and all that you have and have accomplished so far.  Trust the big man upstairs that he will provide and that you will succeed.  You can do this! Success in network marketing is not as far as you think, exercise these principles and continue to prospect daily and you will make it.

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How To Eliminate and Conquer Fear That Holds You Back

How To Eliminate and Conquer

Fear That Holds You Back

The one force that I know everyone encounters is Fear.  Fear to talk to someone, fear of becoming great, fear of the opinions of others, and other kinds of fear that cause us to stop.   Now don’t confuse what I am talking about with being uncomfortable.  When we are uncomfortable I’ve experienced the greatest growth in my life and in my business.  Fear is a force that stops us from becoming great.

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