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How To Eliminate and Conquer Fear That Holds You Back

How To Eliminate and Conquer

Fear That Holds You Back

The one force that I know everyone encounters is Fear.  Fear to talk to someone, fear of becoming great, fear of the opinions of others, and other kinds of fear that cause us to stop.   Now don’t confuse what I am talking about with being uncomfortable.  When we are uncomfortable I’ve experienced the greatest growth in my life and in my business.  Fear is a force that stops us from becoming great.

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VIDEO: Garbage In, Garbage Out

VIDEO: Garbage In, Garbage Out

Have you ever head the statement you are what you eat?  Well it kinda makes sense.  I always think of those old commercials where people turn into donuts and fast food items.  Did you know that we are often self sabotaging ourselves?  I’ve fallen victim to this for most of my life and was not able to conquer it until I found home based business back in 2009.  Today’s video I really want you to think about and ask yourself, “how can my family, me, and my business benefit from this.  Well today I have a cool video for you from the garden state of New Jersey.

Hey there weren’t any fists pumping in that video!?  Ok ok, I hope this video empowers you to make a mental shift that will increase you results in your business.  Once I changed this not only did I see better results in my business, but in my relationships, and my overall level of peace and joy in my life.  Life is short, lets live it victoriously!

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MLM Success BBQ

MLM Success BBQ

You know Barbeq"Success BBQ"ues are some of my favorite times.  But in order to have the perfect BBQ you need 3 things for every Barbeque. You need people, meat, and a grill man.  Just like success in network marketing there are 3 aspects I’ve experienced are crucial to your life and business.  Sorry if you were expecting a real BBQ

Internal Communication

Your thinking and what your mind is hearing dictates your level of consciousness.  Put positive empowering ideas and philosophies into your mind that will influence you to make an impact.  The quality of the voices will determine the quality of your consciousness.  If you are so filled up with empowering messages from places like the Bible, Jim Rohn, George Zalucki, Mark Yarnel and other greats, when the negative thoughts and feelings creep in you’ll remember the vision you are working towards and the power of the positive messages that your consciousness and unconscious mind are hearing. yea thats right, place some stuff when you go to sleep, why not?

External Communication

They understand people and the right ways to communicate with them.  For example 1 certain personality type is 35% of the population and another type is 15% of the population.  You want to understand how to communicate with certain kinds of people and what kind of coaching will work for each one.  Understanding personality types is a bonus skill thats going to cut years off the learning curve.  Create and provide value for people and then communicate it.  People are looking for more.

Technical Knowledge (How To)

This is the easiest part to learn.  Your company has a system of what to say to people, has a presentation, and has all of that.  If you have a strong upline or a resource to learn how to prospect and recruit you will be fine in this regard.  If your looking for a strong upline I would see if you make the cut here.

4 Ingredients "what am i missing?"

Now with these aspects of the Success barb-b-que sandwich we have some seasoning to spice it up. Bam!

Time – Network Marketing is a long term plan.  It is not get rich quick.  Its build for 3-5 years and have the freedom to walk away and create the time freedom you want.

Energy – You are going to have to consistently output effort to talk to people.

Frustration – When we learn something new will experience a level of frustration.  We then learn how to ride without training wheels on the sides and can ride straight.

Change – We tend to avoid change because it sometimes feels uncomfortable.  If you want something you’ve never had you might have to do something you’ve never done.  Life is too short so embrace change and take action.

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Detox From Head Trash…Unless its Too Late

Detox From Head Trash…Unless its Too Late

The garbage that is in our heads telling any kind of negative or dis empowering thought is exactly what I called it, garbage.  Now I could give you all the prospecting, recruiting, and lead generation trainings and tips I could possibly think and I have through this blog.  However, what good is all that if you have head trash that’s telling you, ” it"mental detox"s a scam, no one will listen to u, you don’t want to have the rejection again just be quiet, don’t talk to that person you’ll get hurt, ect ect.”  That stuff doesn’t feel good and we need to DETOX it out of our mental system.  You have to get your mind to the point of, “what would you attempt if you knew you could not fail!?”  There is no such thing as failure in network marketing, its just that people quit.  Did you know that 90% of people who stay in MLM for 10 years are million dollar earners?  The system works but will your mind allow it to work?  I learned a powerful tactic for psychological detox from the famous Jerry Clark.

I’ve done several mental fasts in the past and I am always grateful for them.  I usually forget that I am on one when its over lol.  I recommend doing this for 30 days to completely get detoxed.  If this seems like too much of a shock to how you currently live, try for 7 days if you want things to be different, just see if you can do it, I challenge you.

8 Steps to Mental Fast

  1. Read – Bible, Think and Grow Rich, 1st year in network marketing.  Just positive empowering things.  Stay away from Novels, love stories, and stuff like that for this fast.
  2. Bye Bye T.V. – Watch the superbowl of course.  Otherwise turn off the electronic income reducer.  Did you know for ever 1 hour of negative media we put into ourselves it takes about 16 hours of positive messages to equalize that out!?
  3. Bye Bye Radio – Replace talk or music with positive audios from guys like George Zalucki, Go for No, Jerry Clark, Zig Zigglar, Tony Robbins, Your Pastor’s Sunday message.
  4. Bye Bye Newspaper – Don’t worry if something really important happens someone will tell you about it.  I haven’t read the newspaper in years and I do just fine.
  5. Associate with People – If you pick your 10 closest friends and rate them from 1 to 10 on how happy, successful, and live a perfect life they have.  Well you are the average of the people you associate most with.  After doing this exercise think about who are higher on that list and you’ll want to spend more time around that person.
  6. Tons of Water – Do your best to cut out sodas, caffeine, and other stuff you know is not good for you.  Drink tons of water because it will bring in excess nutrients and detox that bad stuff that’s in there.  Plus you’ll feel great, always a bonus.
  7. Exercise – Even if your getting in just a quick run, do something every day to get your blood going and get yourself feeling good.  Exercising releases endorphins into your mind that make you feel good.
  8. Reflection – At the end of every day take 15 – 20 minutes to be alone, just be still somewhere, and reflect on the day.  This period is not to condemn yourself and get down on yourself in anyway.  It is simply to be still, be thankful for the day, focus on what you did accomplish and what you did to move close to your goals.  If you are feeling guilty at this point, you may have to have some personal checks or talk with your upline.

Now remember our Lord and Savior fasted for 40 days and 40 nights in the desert without food.  I didn’t even talk about food here.  But I think we can make it without a night of American Idol or dancing with the Stars lol.  Luke 4:2 – “where for forty days he was tempted by the devil. He ate nothing during those days, and at the end of them he was hungry.” (NIV)

You can have all the technical knowledge in the world but what good is all of that if how you feel about you and what your doing is covered in dirty garbage.  Start your mental detox and start having the mind of a leader.  If your on this blog your looking to things to the next level and if your looking for personal coaching reach out to me at gelokron@gmail.com with the subject line “Coaching.”

Be Blessed,

MLM leadergelokron@gmail.com

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How to Recruit 10-20 People Per month Into Your MLM

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How To Believe and Change Doubt to Faith in Life and MLM

How To Believe and Change

Doubt to Faith in Life and MLM

T"belief in mlm"oo often in the network marketing arena we tend to go on trips of doubt and belief.  In the past I have fallen victim to this as well, you are not alone.  What is important to recognize is the MLM is not a get rich quick, it is a long term plan that is a short cut.  Look at doctors who go to school for 8 years work for 40+ years working at least 9-5 ( i don’t call that living by the way) and maybe they can retire, no guarantee.  Nothing against doctors i mean we need them u know, thank God for em.  In our industry its bust your butt for 3-5 years and live off the income while having the power to help everyone person you come into contact with that is willing to help themselves.  Understand that God has created us to be powerful beings and do good work and mlm is just one way we can do it

Philipians 4:13 “I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me.”

The name of the game is consistency and never taking your eye of the ball.  Try not to fall victim to “ooh shiny syndrome” every time a new network pops up or a certain company starts to go through momentum.  We will all have our time.

A few days ago it was my birthday and I spent the day our mlm crew and with one of my best friends and sponsor Ray Higdon.  He may not have realized it but he ingrained me the importance and understanding of putting your head down and running full speed while others are still at the starting gate.  Specifically my company only has 31,000 members throughout the U.S., Canada, and the United Kingdom.  We were talking about when we first started we had 1 coin ( our product is gold and silver coins) and no presentation, no one was making money, and it was brand new unique concept; you really had to believe back then lol.  I remember ray just holding up a coin saying, “we’re gunna do it, ” do what dude? you got a coin in your hand, what are you talking about lol.  My point being while others may not see what you see of have the level of belief that you do, you can not allow that to cause you to waiver.  Since then ray has become the number 1 income earner and highest ranking member of our company and I have no idea what I would be doing for an income if I didn’t believe back then.

Well What Does God Say About Belief in MLM?

I was reading my Bible this morning and I learned something interesting about Abraham.  Abraham had been made a few promises one of which he would be father of many nations.  We as networkers are also made promises of if you were real hard, follow the system and teach others to duplicate your efforts you can be financially free for the rest of your life.  But! Do you have the faith to walk this road?  This is what stood out to me today.

Romans 4 : 16, 18-25 Therefore, the promise comes by faith, so that it may be by grace and may be guaranteed to all Abraham’s offspring – not only to those who are of the law but also to those who are of the faith of Abraham.  He is the father of us all.

18. Against all hope, Abraham in hope believe and so became the father of many nations, just as it had been said to him, “So shall your offspring be. ” ( i think he meant to say down line lol just kidding) Without weakening in body was as good as dead _ since he was about a hundred years old – and that Sarah’s womb was also dead. Yet he did not waver through unbelief regarding the promise of God, but was strengthened in his faith and gave glory to God. Being fully persuaded that God had the power to do what he had promised.  This is why “it was credited to him as righteousness.”  The words “it was credited to him” also for us, to whom God will credit righteousness – for us who believe in him who raised Jesus our Lord from the dead. He was delivered over to death for our sins and was raised to life for our justification.

IF you have the faith, the belief, the unwaivering desire to make your company work and you walk that walk there is no reason or excuses for you not getting there.  I had this status update today on my facebook, “real leaders experience the same things that everyone else does, they just choose to recognize them as a feeling, and move past em. Don’t let the negativity in the world bring you down today, rise up and be who you are called to be”  People told Abraham that he was crazy to think that 100 year old man and his super old wife could have a baby or that he would be the father of many nations.  I mean in the natural it seems impossible, but because he had faith and didn’t move to the right or the left he succeeded.

So today, get your faith back and go forward to what your passionate about.

Be Blessed,

"young entrepreneur, leader to follow"


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How to Recruit 10-20 People Per month Into Your MLM

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Daily Routine/Action Plan to Build Your MLM and 30 Ways to Talk to 30 People A Day

Daily Routine and Action Plan to

Build Your Home Based Business

One thing I love about home based business is that you get to be your own boss and have full control over your time.  This also a two edged sword.  The bad thing is you have full control over your time and no one is telling you what to do, there’s no clock to punch!  Its unfortunate that some people flounder around sponsoring new people here and there and there’s no consistency to it.  A real home based business has consistency, measurable goals, and predictable results.  If this is something you don’t agree with or have it may be time to change your daily plan of action.  In today’s post I’ll be sharing my personal daily plan of action to build my home based business.  Without a game plan and knowing what to do every day how can one expect to run their business like a business and not a $500 hobby.

The Top Earner Formula
6am wake up
6-8 Bib"how to talk to 30 people a day"le, read personal growth/development or marketing and sales
book, im a christian and listen to praise music as well, journal, and
8-8:30 breakfast with George Zalucki/motivation youtube videos/audios
8:30- 9:30ish work out (p90x)
10-10:30 create 1 piece of content, passive marketing and emails
11am start calling people and connecting on facebook.

Focus on activity not the outcome.  Some of you will do this for 2 weeks, decide its not working and give up.  The reality is it takes a minimum of 21 days of consistency to form a habit.  By having a plan like this you can go down your check list and accomplish a ton of stuff before the average person is even awake or knows whats going on that day.  Get addicted to accomplishing and achieving and it becomes really fun.  One thing that I’ve been told when sharing this daily plan is 6-8am is 2 hours is a lot of time to devote every morning to those activities.  You don’t have to do as much as I do and everyone’s plan will be slightly different than mine because of different demands and responsibilities.  Even if you spend 15-20 minutes a day working on yourself its better than nothing and will do more for you than you can imagine.

“If you want to improve the quality of your life, improve the quality of you.” ~ Ron Gelok

You need to have a few other aspects outlined so you don’t fall victim to burn out.  The combination of these things will cause you to be unstoppable. I’ll share my personal goals with you and maybe it will help you shape yours

– Put God first in everything I do
– 20 Daily phone calls minimum, (new leads)
– 5 new facebook connections
– Craigslsit ads (5 -10) – outsourced
– 1 piece of content daily (minimum)
– 1 Host and present offline weekly meeting
– 1 networking event per week

– $80,000 a month residual

– Eating healthy daily, no soda, no alcohol, eating organicly with a ton of veggies
What I will accomplish
– Get on the next company Cruise
– Hit 5 Star
– Conduct a training for the entire company on how i hit 5 star and got my butt on the cruise, and how you can to
– Be in the best shape of my life mentally and physically
– Attract my dream girl into my life

My Reason Why I’m Doing This
– In order for me to live the life I know God wants for me and do his works to grow his kingdom I have to have financial freedom.  I am determined to live a life that touches, moves, and inspires.  When others see me I want them to ask themselves, “why is that guy so different, what does he have that I don’t.”  I want to grow and develop people and create leaders in the world.  I think our country is starved for leadership and leaders that operate with integrity without their own personal gain/agenda.  3% of the world is way too small of a number to be the percentage of the world that has the life they want.

My Vision
I see myself driving the 7 series BMW with my beautiful wife pulling up to my 2 story house on the water.  We get in my luxury 6 figure boat and drive to lunches and friend’s houses.  I have weekly web casts on life and growth.  I have a son that will grow into a powerful leader and change the world by follwing my example.  I will be a powerful speaker and also a speaker at the annual Get Motivated event.  I’m going to be in entrepreneur magazine.  I am free to travel and go where I want with who I want when I want=freedom.  I’m a light and inspiration to others in the world.

Now Mark Yarnell, MLM hall of famer and 8 figure earner, said “if you want to make $100,000 a year in 1 year in network marketing talk to 30 people a day 5 days a week.  At the end of 1 year you’ll have 12 powerful leaders and you’ll have the income you desire.”  Pretty simple, makes sense to.  Your probably thinking, “Ron, how the heck do I talk to 30 people a day!?”

I thought that to until I had a plan to hit 30 people a day.

This is a list of different marketing methods you can use to hit 30 people a day easily.  I’m not going to train or show you each one as I reserve that for those I personally coach and work with plus this is just a blog post.  I prefer to teach to people’s needs and develop them into successful leaders.

How To Talk to 30 People a Day

  1. Warm Market
  2. Referrals
  3. Craigslist
  4. Facebook
  5. Twitter
  6. LinkedIn
  7. Youtube
  8. Referrals
  9. Networking Events
  10. Meet Up Groups
  11. Bandit Signs
  12. Drop Cards
  13. Post It Notes
  14. Speed Dating ;-)
  15. Grab Biz Cards out of fish bowls
  16. Grab Biz Cards off of Cork Boards
  17. Call Realtor Signs
  18. Call Business Owners advertisements
  19. Buy Leads
  20. My favorite is learn to generate online leads (i get 10 – 40 online leads a day)
  21. Call Junk Mail you get
  22. Prospect People you meet while out on errands
  23. Where or have your product with you and people may ask you about it
  24. Vehicle Magnets
  25. Reach out to big online marketers
  26. Contest Bowl for free _______ drop your biz card in for drawing
  27. Go Through High school year book and reach out
  28. Newspaper Ads
  29. Magazine Ads
  30. Flyers

Ok, there are tons of more methods you can do to reach 30 people a day, its pretty easy once you know how.  There’s tons of more ways but im getting so tired of typing and the really good stuff is for my personal team.

What does your daily plan of action look like?  What methods here have worked best for you? Leave a comment below to let me know.

Be Blessed!

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How To Avoid Feeling Burnt Out in Your Life

How To Avoid Feeling

Burnt Out In Your Life

Sometimes in life your putting out all this energy effort into something your passionate about and really focused on.  Sometimes when you are busting your butt continuously you can get drained and then not feeling like doing anything.  Ask me how I know this.  You may even feel like "mlm frustration"quiting and thats normal.  Actually if you don’t feel like quitting several times a month you may not be trying hard enough.   Personally I have gone on this roller coaster for a long time.  However, I have taken steps to avoid this problem and in todays post I’ll be showing exactly what you can do to avoid this as well.

Why Do You Get Burnt? No sunscreen?

In home based business or in any business for that matter gaining new customers is just a numbers game.  Most people that come into home based business have never been business owners and this is their fist venture into the entrepreneurial world.  Because of this they may not be used to people saying no to the opportunity and or not being able to reach your client/customer at a specified time.  This creates frustration, saddness, maybe depression, and burn out.  However, this only happens if you are addictted to outcome, you don’t NEED anyone to sign up with you.  They NEED you, you are the one with the business that creates freedom and incredible residual income. So the most important thing is to detach yourself from being addictted to the outcome!

Work – Free Zones

Ever notice how some of your best business ideas or creative ideas come when you are not at work?  They come when your mind is free, when you are jogging, on vacation, looking at the ocean, and when your mind is free.  For me a work free zone is skateboardin, cooking, surfing, spending time with God, and power naps.  Human beings best perform in spurts, in intervals of 90-120 minutes.  After that you can begin to feel droggy, need a break, or again burnt out.  You need to give yourself permission to create certain times in your day when you can take a breather to refresh yourself.  Get out a pen and paper and do this exercise…reall,y don’t just read this, do this. :-)

Creating Work-Free Zones

1. What are my favorite Work-Free Zone Activities

2. When do I enjoy doing them?

3. What negative beliefs do I have about doing Work-Free Zones?

4. When are these beliefs not true?

5. What will happen if I don’t use Work-Free Zones?

Successful people do what normal people don’t do.  If people tease you about this or look at you funny just remember this quote: “I may be weird, but you’re broke!” LOL The point of this exercise is to show you how having this in your life cab benefit your life and business.  If you make this a priority in your life and take the time out of your day to refresh yourself what do you think that would do for you?  How would your life be different.  Excuses like i have no time, my boss will never let me do this, I don’t deserve it, are all garbage.  You are worthy of success!  You deserve to live the life of your dreams and while this exercise may seem simple its the little things like this that you do that seperate greatness from mediocrity.  Oh I should mention I stole this exercise from Noah St. John and his book Secret Code of Success.

Be Blessed,

"home based business leader, online mlm leader, uk mlm leader"gelokron@gmail.com

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The Side of Home Business 90% of the World Will Never See

The Side of Home Business 90%

of the World Will Never See

Everyone is always wondering what the heck is home based business really about.  I mean what the heck is that pyramid scheme garbage anywho right? Well maybe you are right.  Theres a lot of silly thinking that goes on out there, and the people that like to think its pyramid can go ahead and keep thinking that.  I’ll build my pyramid and you can dig into debt. Ouch jk you know I’m a nice guy ;-) Today’s post is really about sharing the side home based business that others have no idea about and don’t ever get to see unless your seriously involved.

The business is not solely about moving a product through a channel of distribution run by independent representatives/business owners.  The business is about helping people.  All of us on this earth have a purpose and reason for being here.  Where you are most fruitful in your life is probably where your purpose lies. (learned that one in church, bam!)  I believe that their is greatness inside of each and everyone of us and home based business is a way to unlock it.  Those of you involved in the industry know how this is true but for the rest of you who quite haven’t drank the koolaid yet have no idea what I’m talking about. So here’s the deal

This Business is About Helping People…not just financially

In order for you to be the absolute best, the very best to help someone else grow and achieve success you must first grow into a place of greatness and experience first.  You do this so you can feed back into the lives of your team members.  That doesn’t mean that you can’t sponsor or help people where you are now.  You know I look at my sponsor and I knew him before network marketing and I look at him now and don’t know if I would recognize him if I saw him back then how he is now.  I hope you can say the same for me and yourself.  I say this because in order for other people to follow you, be attracted to you, trust you, for you to help others and want to work with you  you must become a person of value.  Aha, for some of you a light bulb went on.

We are always seeing, listening, and feeling the personal development talks from the company, your sponsor, and others.  Developing yourself personally into a leader and a person of value is how your going to get there.  I’ve talked to people who generate tons of leads and not be able to recruit, weird right?  Well I believe its because you either haven’t been properly trained and/or your not growing as a person.  If you wouldn’t sign up with you, then you need to change.  You ever meet those people that you know they are just different?  You know they have something that you want, you can see it shining in them.  I think you know what im talking about.  Maybe its God shining in them (hint hint).   Every successful person I know is focused on getter better.  Most have an insatiable appetite for more and that’s how you need to be.  Never ever ever be content with mediocrity, if God intended us to be that way he would have painted the world vanilla!  Personal development is not who rah rah nonsense I can do it think positive garbage, and if you do think that, hows that working out for ya?  Often time the people that criticize personal development, mindset, and all that kind of stuff are the ones without results.

Support Systems

Most of us growing up have not ever had anyone that really believes in you except maybe your parents if you are luky.  This is an industry that doesn’t care who you are, where you from, your occupation, gender, what you smell like lol, your education, none of that matters because the opportunity is the same for everyone.  Whats different about network marketing than all other businesses is the support.  Network Marketing allows you to grow financially and personally at your own pace and your sponsor is there to support you.  Training is something that every leader does to bring up others in his/her team.  I don’t know about you but I want my team members to be more successful than I am!  So I will always support them at their speed but push them for greatness.  And that’s what is key. You can’t pull people across the finish line but you can push them there and hopefully they are willing to move towards the life that they want.  Imagine if you had everyone around you believing in you that you could do the greatest things on earth, how would that make you feel?  When you join a network marketing company and you are serious about it, you find home in the company and with the people.  MLM is not a get a rich quick, its a long term plan, well short compared to a job and that’s why we do it.

Why Do People Join Network Marketing Opportunities

People join network marketing companies for the allure of passive and residual income.  Its all about duplicating one’s efforts.  Ok,think about how hard you work now at your job, now think if there was 100 people doing your same job on a massive scale, that would be pretty productive right?  Right, so now you have this team of people working just like you and they are their own boss but generating an income for you.  Pretty sick!  Everyone joins for a different reason and its key that you ask people why they are joining.  You need to know why because that is whats going to drive them to be successful and if you truly care about helping people you want to know how you can help them accomplish their goals and dreams.  For some its I hate my job, or hate my boss, pay off bills or school debt, for others its moving towards benefits like living some place exotic, having possessions, having a life of their dreams.  All these things are realistic and possible for those who are hungry for it and willing to commit themselves to the program for a short period of time.  If you want to learn more about a legitimate network marketing company click here.

Be Blessed!

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What’s Been Blocking Your Success & How to Crush It

 What Blocks Success?

I "how can i work from home legit"read a lot of success books, follow successful people, and do whatever I can to emulate those who have the lifestyle that I desire.  What I have found about the ultra successful, or the “3 percenters of the world”, is that they often aren’t entirely sure how they got there.  Chances are you have seen them in movies, on the leader boards, or winning the company awards again and again and again and it all seems effortless.  They tell you what to do, make some goals, visualize it, do affirmations and the whole shhbang.  So why hasn’t it worked yet! What the heck right!?  Still though its estimated that americans spend 11 billion dollars a year on self help/personal development products trying to get to the next level in life.  The typical success book formula is like this 1. make a goal 2. put a plan together to accomplish that goal 3. evaluate and see your progress 4. keep trying until you hit that goal no matter what.  Sound familiar?  Yep thought so.  So why still are people struggling? Why are people reaching a plateu that seems like growing out is almost impossble? I mean work, family, bills, kids, stress, ect ect the list goes on with competing items in your life that sometimes seem like they’ll never end.  Can be overwhelming at times and maybe you just want to scream!  ohhh how I have been there before.

It’s not that we don’t know how to succeed because we do.  Huh? On a conscious level every human being wants to succeed. 

Warning!!! I’m about to introduce a concept to you that may change the way you think and the words you allow to flow from your mouth.  Have you ever thought about the cost of success? What is the cost of actually allowing yourself to succeed in life? Personally I have discoverd that my biggest critic, enemy, and what was holding me back was… myself, but not in the way that you would think.

So Whats The Real Problem?

The problem is not your mindset or your attitude, because if you are in home based business you already know the importance of having these things right in your life.  What it comes down is your thoughts.  The way you think internally about something dictates your beliefs and actions which dictate results in your life.  So basically what you think about is what you attact to yourself.  Now this isn’t some law of attraction hokus pokus, so hear me out.   This takes place in the unconscious mind.  You know that little voice in your head thats comparing you to others all the time? Have you ever said to youself, why am I afraid, why doesn’t “so-in-so” like me, why don’t I feel loved, why do I suck, ect ect.  These are known as disempowering questions.  That voice that is asking yourself these questions are causing your mind to think of reasons and create a reality that makes these questions true.  I hope you get that, your mind attacts positive and negative into your life based on your thoughts.  You know its very easy to control this?

"secret code of success"What I learned from Noah St. John, author of  Secret Code of Success, is that “the quality of your life depends on just 2 things: the quality of your communication with the world inside yourself, and the quality of your communication with the world outside yourself.  Well how do you control all aspects of your communication?

Traditional success teachings would say do affirmations and stay positive slugger.  Well obviously this doesn’t work.  They don’t work because your trying to convince yourself of something you don’t believe!  I used to affirm to myself, ” i am so happy now that I am making $100,000 a month,” which then followed with me thinking yeah right, wonder if that will ever happen.   So get this…

Afformations not Affirmations

Forget affirmations.  What you are going to do is ask yourself empowering questions.  These are know as afformations.  By doing this you force your mind to attract and create that new reality!  Try this out.  Say this outloud right now, why am I such a loser, why don’t I have the things I want in my life, why am I sad.  Doesn’t feel good right?  Now try this out, say this outloud right now!  Why am I wealthy, why are things going so right for me, why do i have________, why am I______.   Ah feels much better right!?  So whether its conscious or unconsious you manifest what you think about!  That is how the law of attraction is supposed to work!   Now lets shape your new life and how you want things to be.  Grab a pen, paper, and quiet place where you can be alone for a bit to do this 4 step process.

Noah’s 4 Step Afformation  Model

  1. Ask yourself what your truly want
  2. Ask yourself a question that assumes that what you want is already true
  3. Allow your mind to search for the answer to that question (thought is what drives your feelings and actions, your probably thinking if that is true right now)
  4. Now take actions that are new based on your new assumption questions about life

"afformations"Choose whatever you want in your life to come into fruition and create it into an empowering afformation!  Now believe that this will work and take some action.  For example, dont say why am I the best shape of my life and dont exercise and eat fast food 3 times a day with ding dongs and twinkies on the side haha.

Here’s some of my afformations:

  • Why do I have the fastest growing team in my primary business?
  • Why do I have more money than I know what to do with?
  • Why am I in the best shape of my life?
  • Why do I ever time I step on my skateboard I get better?
  • Why do I have an incredibly fulfilling relationship with the perfect woman?
  • Why am I so happy and feel so good all the time?

Pretty exciting to have full control and be able to shape your life huh?  Didn’t even have to go to a bagillion dollar seminar that only hypes you up for a few weeks to lol.  You are truely a powerful being with unlimited potential.

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Mondays Don’t Have to Suck, or Do They?

Mondays Don’t Have to Suck,
or Do They?

Happy Monday all.  I had to share this in an effort to bring you up on a monday morning!  I was speaking with this guy on facebook this morning and something stiked me as odd.  This guy was a normal guy but he had such a hatred for going into work today.  It wasn’t like he was bad at his job it was just that he let his environment dictate his attitude.  What you allow into you mind will control you.  I do something everyday to help me have a great attitude for the day.  It may be kind of basic or seem silly but its an unconscious command to yourself.  See what I mean in this video below.

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