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MLM Prospecting Tip: How To Connect and Build Rapport with MLM Prospects

MLM Prospecting Tip: How To Connect

and Build Rapport with MLM Prospects

"MLM Prospecting Tips"As more and more people begin to learn to generate leads and recruit faster its up to you to become a better recruiter to stay competitive.  How to connect with your mlm prospects is a critical skill in recruiting.  Lets say you have the ability to generate leads and find people to talk to.  That is fantastic but unless your prospects trust you they will not do business with you.  Lets get you connecting with prospects better than Legos connecting together. To increase the number of people you recruit, check out this MLM Prospecting tip. Continue reading

MLM Prospecting: How To Recruit People You Know

MLM Prospecting: How To

Recruit People You Know


Do I MLM Prospect my Friends and Family?

You have the freedom to prospect whoever you want.  Some say yes as its always best to help people who already know like and trust you, others say wait until you have some success to go to the family and close friends.  Maybe this story will help.  Friendly Frank just opened a pizza shop in town.  He makes some of the best pizza you have ever tasted (he is from jersey ;)).  His highschool best friend walks through the front door during the first week the pizza joint is open.  Bob and Frank are so happy to connect and talk again.  Bob is such a good friend of frank’s.  Bob is hungry and came to get some pizza.  Frank, “bob im sorry but I can’t sell you any pizza, see you are a friend of mine since we been in highschool and I just feel weird making money off you.” Bob is really confused by this, I mean they been friends for so long and Frank won’t let him taste some of the best pizza in the world cause he is afraid of what might happen to Bob or what Bob thinks.  Doesn’t this story seem strange?

How to Not Be a Sales Person to Friends and Family

The term salesperson for some reason has taking on a negative connotation and people instantly think used car sales man.  You really need to transition from salesperson, whose 1 objective is sell something, to problem solver, whose objective is to help someone and provide value from an attitude of servitude. How not to be salesy when prospecting in my mlm was new to me at first, then I learned this secret tip!

Learn about the people who are having success in your company and hear their story.  There are teachers, retail salespeople, students, waiters, ect that are all having success in your company.  Use their story while MLM prospecting people with the same occupation or common ground.  Check out this video below for an example.

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MLM Prospect Warm Market Script

“Hey Johnny McProspect! Hey you are still a waiter right?  Well get this, I was at this event last night, talking with this guy last night, watched this video this morning, ect of a Waiter having a lot of success in this business i just started, he actually reminded me a lot of you! share 1 or 2 details about success.  This may or may not be for you, would you be open to a side project if it didn’t interfere with what you are currently doing?”

IF they say yes

“Just curious Johnny McProspect why would you be open?  just curious, with everything going on in this world, why would you be open to a side project?”

If you ask a prospect, WHY, the prospect tells you why they should look at your opportunity.  It removes you from looking like a salesperson and moves you into the space of being a problem solver.

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MLM Prospecting Tips

MLM Prospecting:

What to Do With People

Who Don’t Keep Their Word

Have you ever had someone not watch your video or come to a meeting?  Have you ever had someone reluctantly agree to view or come to a meeting or presentation.  People are going to be just that, people.  People should do what they say they are going to do and make commitments and keep them.  Somewhere along the line this stopped being the standard for the majority of people.  There are a few things you can still do to help someone before letting them ruin themselves.

There are 2 MLM Prospecting Tips to help these people

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1. Create a fear of loss

Your guests are not always going to come no matter what you do.  I think the best excuse I have gotten for why someone didn’t come was this, ” I bought a really expensive birthday cake yesterday so I don’t have money to drive anywhere or do anything.” Believe it or not your prospects will say just about anything.  Your response to no shows needs to be from a position of power.

MLM Prospecting Script

When calling people back who didn’t come just say this: “…I’m sorry I did a really terrible job explaining what we were doing last night with my new business, we had a few people get started and had a such a fun great event.  I just wanted to give you a courtesy call to apologize.  But hey I’ll let you know in a few weeks when I do this again.  I gotta run cause I need to help the new guys get started, I’ll talk to you later.”

This creates fear of loss in the mind of the prospect.  You effectively communicate what they missed out on and you are letting them know that you are not addicted to the outcome of them signing up, that you are serious about your business and doing it with or without them.  Next time when you do call for the next meeting, you can be sure that your prospect will be more open to attending.

2.  The next post will cover part 2 which is getting your prospect to keep their word…subscribe in the box on the upper right to get part 2

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