What’s Been Blocking Your Success & How to Crush It

 What Blocks Success?

I "how can i work from home legit"read a lot of success books, follow successful people, and do whatever I can to emulate those who have the lifestyle that I desire.  What I have found about the ultra successful, or the “3 percenters of the world”, is that they often aren’t entirely sure how they got there.  Chances are you have seen them in movies, on the leader boards, or winning the company awards again and again and again and it all seems effortless.  They tell you what to do, make some goals, visualize it, do affirmations and the whole shhbang.  So why hasn’t it worked yet! What the heck right!?  Still though its estimated that americans spend 11 billion dollars a year on self help/personal development products trying to get to the next level in life.  The typical success book formula is like this 1. make a goal 2. put a plan together to accomplish that goal 3. evaluate and see your progress 4. keep trying until you hit that goal no matter what.  Sound familiar?  Yep thought so.  So why still are people struggling? Why are people reaching a plateu that seems like growing out is almost impossble? I mean work, family, bills, kids, stress, ect ect the list goes on with competing items in your life that sometimes seem like they’ll never end.  Can be overwhelming at times and maybe you just want to scream!  ohhh how I have been there before.

It’s not that we don’t know how to succeed because we do.  Huh? On a conscious level every human being wants to succeed. 

Warning!!! I’m about to introduce a concept to you that may change the way you think and the words you allow to flow from your mouth.  Have you ever thought about the cost of success? What is the cost of actually allowing yourself to succeed in life? Personally I have discoverd that my biggest critic, enemy, and what was holding me back was… myself, but not in the way that you would think.

So Whats The Real Problem?

The problem is not your mindset or your attitude, because if you are in home based business you already know the importance of having these things right in your life.  What it comes down is your thoughts.  The way you think internally about something dictates your beliefs and actions which dictate results in your life.  So basically what you think about is what you attact to yourself.  Now this isn’t some law of attraction hokus pokus, so hear me out.   This takes place in the unconscious mind.  You know that little voice in your head thats comparing you to others all the time? Have you ever said to youself, why am I afraid, why doesn’t “so-in-so” like me, why don’t I feel loved, why do I suck, ect ect.  These are known as disempowering questions.  That voice that is asking yourself these questions are causing your mind to think of reasons and create a reality that makes these questions true.  I hope you get that, your mind attacts positive and negative into your life based on your thoughts.  You know its very easy to control this?

"secret code of success"What I learned from Noah St. John, author of  Secret Code of Success, is that “the quality of your life depends on just 2 things: the quality of your communication with the world inside yourself, and the quality of your communication with the world outside yourself.  Well how do you control all aspects of your communication?

Traditional success teachings would say do affirmations and stay positive slugger.  Well obviously this doesn’t work.  They don’t work because your trying to convince yourself of something you don’t believe!  I used to affirm to myself, ” i am so happy now that I am making $100,000 a month,” which then followed with me thinking yeah right, wonder if that will ever happen.   So get this…

Afformations not Affirmations

Forget affirmations.  What you are going to do is ask yourself empowering questions.  These are know as afformations.  By doing this you force your mind to attract and create that new reality!  Try this out.  Say this outloud right now, why am I such a loser, why don’t I have the things I want in my life, why am I sad.  Doesn’t feel good right?  Now try this out, say this outloud right now!  Why am I wealthy, why are things going so right for me, why do i have________, why am I______.   Ah feels much better right!?  So whether its conscious or unconsious you manifest what you think about!  That is how the law of attraction is supposed to work!   Now lets shape your new life and how you want things to be.  Grab a pen, paper, and quiet place where you can be alone for a bit to do this 4 step process.

Noah’s 4 Step Afformation  Model

  1. Ask yourself what your truly want
  2. Ask yourself a question that assumes that what you want is already true
  3. Allow your mind to search for the answer to that question (thought is what drives your feelings and actions, your probably thinking if that is true right now)
  4. Now take actions that are new based on your new assumption questions about life

"afformations"Choose whatever you want in your life to come into fruition and create it into an empowering afformation!  Now believe that this will work and take some action.  For example, dont say why am I the best shape of my life and dont exercise and eat fast food 3 times a day with ding dongs and twinkies on the side haha.

Here’s some of my afformations:

  • Why do I have the fastest growing team in my primary business?
  • Why do I have more money than I know what to do with?
  • Why am I in the best shape of my life?
  • Why do I ever time I step on my skateboard I get better?
  • Why do I have an incredibly fulfilling relationship with the perfect woman?
  • Why am I so happy and feel so good all the time?

Pretty exciting to have full control and be able to shape your life huh?  Didn’t even have to go to a bagillion dollar seminar that only hypes you up for a few weeks to lol.  You are truely a powerful being with unlimited potential.

If you liked this post please share and post 1 of your new afformations below in the comments section  below 🙂

To Your Success,

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  • Stephanie Deneke

    August 3, 2011

    Noah St. John’s afformations are totally the missing piece in clearing your mind to think out a vivid plan for success. I really like your list of afformations Ron!

  • Ron Gelok

    August 3, 2011

    @Stephanie Deneke – absolutely stephanie, would love to hear some of yours to!

  • Chuck Bartok

    August 3, 2011

    @Stephanie Deneke – I agree…!!!
    I have observed the same results.

    Afformation: I love my time in the Garden, Golf Course, on the River Fishing and Speaking directly to Clients.
    Gosh that is 4 afformations.

    Life has been a 68 year Fun Park, only because I gave myself permission many years to HAVE FUN

  • Sheri Robinson

    August 3, 2011

    It is interesting that you mention Noah St. John, I have his book and I am still going through it, makes a lot of sense and helps you with confidence and self-esteem. One of mine is “Why am I so healthy everyday?” Thanks Ron for your insight!

  • Mike Cleveland

    August 3, 2011


    I hear what you are saying. Afformations give a clear way to reach your accomplishment because out of them comes specific tasks to achieve.

    On the other hand, affirmation give only what you want to achieve. Affirmations become pipe dreams without the specific tasks and the action behind them.

    Yes, question leads to answers…. Great Post

    Mike Cleveland

  • Rasheed

    August 3, 2011

    Love that book, gave it to a close friend and she loves it too. Noah’s awesome =)

  • Sherman Smith

    August 3, 2011

    Hey Ron,
    I read this a couple of months ago, and this book really opens you up. Saying afformations is the missing link from personal development so I totally agree with Stephanie. This book is a great recommendation!

  • Radu

    August 4, 2011

    I’m glad to visit your blog..for the first time.You got my attention with this post.I heard about them but didn’t took them so serious.It’s great to see how your mind is the ally now ..it gives you all the reasons and ways to achieve your goal. The book is on my reading list now.

    Thanks for sharing!

    ps:Man,you have a very positive energy!

    All the best,

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