The Side of Home Business 90% of the World Will Never See

The Side of Home Business 90%

of the World Will Never See

Everyone is always wondering what the heck is home based business really about.  I mean what the heck is that pyramid scheme garbage anywho right? Well maybe you are right.  Theres a lot of silly thinking that goes on out there, and the people that like to think its pyramid can go ahead and keep thinking that.  I’ll build my pyramid and you can dig into debt. Ouch jk you know I’m a nice guy 😉 Today’s post is really about sharing the side home based business that others have no idea about and don’t ever get to see unless your seriously involved.

The business is not solely about moving a product through a channel of distribution run by independent representatives/business owners.  The business is about helping people.  All of us on this earth have a purpose and reason for being here.  Where you are most fruitful in your life is probably where your purpose lies. (learned that one in church, bam!)  I believe that their is greatness inside of each and everyone of us and home based business is a way to unlock it.  Those of you involved in the industry know how this is true but for the rest of you who quite haven’t drank the koolaid yet have no idea what I’m talking about. So here’s the deal

This Business is About Helping People…not just financially

In order for you to be the absolute best, the very best to help someone else grow and achieve success you must first grow into a place of greatness and experience first.  You do this so you can feed back into the lives of your team members.  That doesn’t mean that you can’t sponsor or help people where you are now.  You know I look at my sponsor and I knew him before network marketing and I look at him now and don’t know if I would recognize him if I saw him back then how he is now.  I hope you can say the same for me and yourself.  I say this because in order for other people to follow you, be attracted to you, trust you, for you to help others and want to work with you  you must become a person of value.  Aha, for some of you a light bulb went on.

We are always seeing, listening, and feeling the personal development talks from the company, your sponsor, and others.  Developing yourself personally into a leader and a person of value is how your going to get there.  I’ve talked to people who generate tons of leads and not be able to recruit, weird right?  Well I believe its because you either haven’t been properly trained and/or your not growing as a person.  If you wouldn’t sign up with you, then you need to change.  You ever meet those people that you know they are just different?  You know they have something that you want, you can see it shining in them.  I think you know what im talking about.  Maybe its God shining in them (hint hint).   Every successful person I know is focused on getter better.  Most have an insatiable appetite for more and that’s how you need to be.  Never ever ever be content with mediocrity, if God intended us to be that way he would have painted the world vanilla!  Personal development is not who rah rah nonsense I can do it think positive garbage, and if you do think that, hows that working out for ya?  Often time the people that criticize personal development, mindset, and all that kind of stuff are the ones without results.

Support Systems

Most of us growing up have not ever had anyone that really believes in you except maybe your parents if you are luky.  This is an industry that doesn’t care who you are, where you from, your occupation, gender, what you smell like lol, your education, none of that matters because the opportunity is the same for everyone.  Whats different about network marketing than all other businesses is the support.  Network Marketing allows you to grow financially and personally at your own pace and your sponsor is there to support you.  Training is something that every leader does to bring up others in his/her team.  I don’t know about you but I want my team members to be more successful than I am!  So I will always support them at their speed but push them for greatness.  And that’s what is key. You can’t pull people across the finish line but you can push them there and hopefully they are willing to move towards the life that they want.  Imagine if you had everyone around you believing in you that you could do the greatest things on earth, how would that make you feel?  When you join a network marketing company and you are serious about it, you find home in the company and with the people.  MLM is not a get a rich quick, its a long term plan, well short compared to a job and that’s why we do it.

Why Do People Join Network Marketing Opportunities

People join network marketing companies for the allure of passive and residual income.  Its all about duplicating one’s efforts.  Ok,think about how hard you work now at your job, now think if there was 100 people doing your same job on a massive scale, that would be pretty productive right?  Right, so now you have this team of people working just like you and they are their own boss but generating an income for you.  Pretty sick!  Everyone joins for a different reason and its key that you ask people why they are joining.  You need to know why because that is whats going to drive them to be successful and if you truly care about helping people you want to know how you can help them accomplish their goals and dreams.  For some its I hate my job, or hate my boss, pay off bills or school debt, for others its moving towards benefits like living some place exotic, having possessions, having a life of their dreams.  All these things are realistic and possible for those who are hungry for it and willing to commit themselves to the program for a short period of time.  If you want to learn more about a legitimate network marketing company click here.

Be Blessed!

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