"Time management for network marketing"

Too Much Time With MLM Team

MLM Team Sucking Up All Your Time?

"Time management for network marketing"Are you spending too much time with your mlm team?  Is it almost painful to recruit another person because you know they will be asking you questions, calling you, and creating more work for you?  I’ve been there before and have broken free from this and it is a lot easier than you think.  In today’s video post I’ll share how to break free from this so you can create time freedom as you recruit people.  Isn’t that why you got started building an MLM team in the first place?  Lets look at what too much time with mlm team looks like…

Too Much Time With MLM Team Mates

Your team is going to duplicate what you do.  If you are answering every question yourself, doing all the presentations, 3 ways calls, and conducting meetings your are creating a handicap and disservice to your MLM Team.  There is nothing wrong with doing these activities to begin with because these are foundation profit producing activities but at all times you want to be grooming your reps for leadership and constantly helping them progress out of their comfort zone and into a leadership role.  I encourage you to do this fast but not forcing people but leading by example and then encourage them to do what they just saw you do.  Whenever you bring someone into the organization your new reps are constantly asking themselves, ” can I do what my upline is doing?” If the answer is no they will stay playing small and always look to “mama bird” for all their nutrition.  Now I say mama bird for a reason, mama bird does all the work, catches the worm, attends the meetings, flys back home and shares what she caught from the big company events, which is ok mama bird wants to take care of her nest/team.  But do you realize that when a bird gives nourishment to her baby birds she actually regurgitates it to them and they eat it…gross!  The best experience is for the birds to leave the nest, soar through the air, and catch their own worms.  So how do you push them out of the nest?  Watch today’s video below where I share to train your birds, I mean team mates correctly from the beginning so they can’t wait to leave the nest.

Time Management for MLM Team Building Video

Here is “the link below” on creating a Christ Centered Network Marketing Business. Point, Guide, and Direct to existing company resources, tools, events, trainings, conference calls, webinars, home meetings, simple marketing systems, your team Facebook group, customer service and any other leveraged tools and resources that they can easily get their questions answer.  When you do point, guide, and direct be sure to explain why you are answering their question by referring them to a resource and encourage them to train their reps in the same way.  You do this so you are free to recruit and work closely with your best leaders that are producing and those that are emerging.  I will not spend time with those that are not in action and I encourage you to do the same, not because I am mean or selfish but because it is not possible to coach inaction other than giving someone mindset resources and sharing how you believe in them till you are blue in the face…go get a therapist.  In all seriousness you need to love your team by training them the right way and spending time with those that earn it, not those that think they deserve it.

This way of building network marketing is leveraged, frees your time, creates leaders, and is key to creating a “guru complex” for a recruiter.  I’ve seen people with teams as small as 100 reps fall into this trap.  Lead by example, man up and work with those that want to run with other big dogs.  Don’t get caught being mama bird cause the truth is even after all that nuturing and regurgitation of value and your experience the baby bird will fly away but not towards success in your company, they’ll find a new nest to begin the cycle again thinking the grass is greener some where else.  Don’t sabotage yourself and your new reps by being too nice and spending too much time with them.  The bi-product of building a network marketing business is time freedom, be sure your time isn’t “free” to everyone.

What did you learn in today’s post? Am I too harsh with my team? What are your thoughts on team building? Leave a comment below…

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