Top 3 Ways to Fail Miserably at Network Marketing

Top 3 Ways to Fail Miserably

at Network Marketing

Today’s post is kind of silly, and you’ll enjoy it.  Everyone always talks about how to succeed in network marketing business oppomlm failure ratertunity.  But today I’m going to teach you how to fall flat on your face and fail miserably at network marketing business opportunity.  Some like to critique the industry I’m part of for the failure rate.  I think ill break it down for you right here.  I hope you get a kick out of this.

1. Go into Hibernation

  • Don’t talk to anyone about your business cause they might reject the opportunity
  • If you go into hibernation you get to sleep for 6 months and won’t have to even see anyone to tell your business to!  Bears get to do it so why not people!?

2.  Train for Online MLM Olympics

  • Spend your time studying diligently, watching webinars, reading blogs, and making marketing plans all day
  • When the Olympics arrive in 4 years, you’ll be ready but for now I’ll study and learn everything there is to know about everything

"mlm failure rate"3. Oscar the Grouch

  • Spend zero time on yourself
  • Have a poor attitude
  • Don’t do afformations
  • Don’t read positive books and messages
  • Don’t do things to motivate yourself

In network marketing you’re really in the business of building people up.  In order to attract people to you, you have to be someone of value. For you to be someone of value you must be producing fruit.  The more value you bring to the marketplace the higher your likelihood to succeed.   Take time to invest in yourself and education and immediately implement what you learn into your life and business.

Whats Up with the Failure Rate?

Here’s a more intelligent look at this.  Entrepreneurs and business owners have failure all the time.  In MLM, businesses get started a lot faster than traditional brick and mortar due to the low barriers of entry.  Typically most home business opportunities can be started for $500 or less.  The great thing about Home Business is that anyone can own a business, the bad thing about network marketing is that ANYONE can own a business.  Network marketing is not for everyone and people who aren’t serious about making big money in the industry unfortunately treat the business like a hobby instead of the business that it has the potential to become.  People start this business part time as I recommend everyone to do as they learn the business and then when their income has replaced or doubled their JOB income go full time.  What sucks is that a lot never move past part time because it only cost $500, its low risk, easy to do, and you are your own boss (no clock punching in this game).  If you had paid $50,000 for the same opportunity how different would you treat your business?  Exactly!  What will determine whether you succeed or fail is you.  In this business there are no politics, racism, gender favors, or any 1 factor that separates an opportunity from someone else. Everyone in a company has the same opportunity.  IF you truly make a decision to make this business work than you will.


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  • Arnold Watson

    August 4, 2011

    Ron, you make some outstanding points here in this post. Thanks for sharing as I will definately take pass this on as it applies.

  • Ron Gelok

    August 4, 2011

    @Arnold Watson – you got it arnold!

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