Unequivacably the Most Important Thing in Your Life

Today is everyone’s favorite day of the week and instead of talking to you about lead flow, internet marketing, or strategies, or thinking like a serious entrepreneur, I’m talking with you today about something that everyone of us finds the greatest importance in.  Recently I lost my grandfather who I was close with to a brain aneurism at age 77.  It was pretty hard on me and my family but feeling well enough to talk about it now.  He was a great a man, veteran, entrepreneur, and big business tycoon, and his passing made me realize something.  Family is absolutely the most important thing in all our lives.  I regret not spending more time with him and listening to his crazy war stories.  It made me think about why I do what I do.

Often times we get caught up in everyday life, school, work, or whatever and our time is competing for all these directions.  I put a new priority on people and family in my life.  What is the point of having success, money, and the ability to help others if your family is not with you?  IF we are not with our family and doing the things we love, well is that really even living?  I encourage you to make a conscious effort to put your family before your work and everything you do.  The people in your life are truely a gift, not the material things of this world.  Today I’d like to challenge you and think about ‘why’ you do what it is that you do? Is it right for your family? Do you have the time freedom to be with them when you want?  Life is too short to not be happy.  Tell them you love them and make it an awesome day!

R.I.P Grandpa Gelok 1933-2011


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  • Dominick Zirilli

    June 24, 2011

    Thanks for Sharing, we leave the corporate rat-race to get ahead but even when become “independent” we still forget to stop and cherish what is really important to us. Sorry for your loss. You are lucky to have such a great influence in your life.

    Stay Well,

  • Ron Gelok

    June 24, 2011

    @Dominick Zirilli – Thanks dominick! Absolutely, life is short so lets make it an awesome one!

  • Warren LeBlanc

    June 25, 2011


    Sory to hear you lost some so dear to you, He lived a great life from your description and is in a better place at peace with himself now. It was hard for me also when my father died and he will always be remembered by our family. My brothers and sisters spent charished moments quite a few times with him. I still have my eye on my goals Ijust keep moving forward cause I know things will turn out for the best no mater who we are.

    Stay in touch and you eyes on your goals,

  • Patty Scheeler

    June 29, 2011

    You are so right about taking the time to enjoy the people around us! Thanks for sharing 🙂

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