Want to Catapult With Professionals In Your Business?

Who are the best people for home based business.  How Do you find them and how do you sign them?  Warning: This Strategy is not for everyone.

Some of the best people for Network Marketing is anyone that works for themselves, runs a business, is a leader, a coach, and anyone who works for commission (hint hint). ” “But I don’t know that many professional people.” yea you do you see them everyday. When you drive past the house for sale whose face is on it with a phone number? At the traffic light, what’s the name of that attorney with his number on the bench? On your way to work you see a vehicle magnet for an insurance agency. Professionals are the best people to have in your business because they are serious. They are spending money on advertising already, they understand being paid on commission, they are use to talking to people, theses guys are perfect. They are spending money to make money and not afraid to ask people to join with them.

What Do I Say To Them?

(If you don’t mind being told no)

I call a professional up tell them where I saw the ad and ask them about their business.  Then introduce yourself.

“My name is _____________ I’m an entrepreneur in the area and I’m looking for some sharp people to help me expand my business locally.  Let me ask ya, do you keep your options open when it comes to making money outside of your focus?”

“Great, whats ur email address and Ill send you some info on the business.  How soon can you take a look? ”

“Ok great, keep in mind this may not be for you.  Will talk tomorrow at 2:00pm.”

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Ron Gelok

I'm a full time home based business entrepreneur. I love to meet cool people, God, Love to skateboard, go fishing, and water sports. Traveling is what I'm into and loving life. I'm here to empower ordinary people to do extraordinary things. The entrepreneurial gene runs deep inside me. I believe in abundance and taking control of my life and future.

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  • Mike

    January 18, 2011

    Ron…great post on building this business with Facebook. Thanks for the leadership!

  • Stephanie Deneke

    January 28, 2011

    Ron you laid that out so much more simply than I’ve ever heard anyone else put it. Anyone else that talks about talking to professional people makes it a long drawn out script that I’d pass out from lack of breath before I got it all out.

  • gelokron

    January 28, 2011

    haha I know what you mean Stephanie. Todd Falcone does an excellent job, check him out. It just makes more sense to keep it simple cause thats whats duplicatable.

  • Dave C. Prosser

    June 17, 2011

    Simplicity in itself Ron. Who ever said that prospecting was hard 😉

  • Ron Gelok

    June 18, 2011

    great attitude dave! love it! It seems hard at first cause most are new and have never had to prospect before. Prospecting is very easy when you know what to say

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