What Blocks Us from Success

What Blocks Us from Succeeding?

Your first 90 days in network marketing is really a getting your feet wet learn to recruit, what to say, realize where you want to need to do to be successful time period.  I consider the first 90 days you’re riding with your training wheels.  Its nice to know that you have support not only in the 90 days but continual support for the life of your business from our strong upline.

So lets say you have learned what to say, how to say, where to find the people, how to get leads, everything your upline has told you to do is kind of working but your still not seeing success.  Whats the deal with that?  Believe it or not its more common than you think.  If I do A, B, C, that should equal 1, 2, 3, right? I don’t understand?  I have all the technical “Know How.”

Ever heard before that 90% of this business is just showing up?  Well thats true, you see the power to do anything is held in the mind.  Fear and faith work the same way.  Whatever you put your energy into will manifest.  So if you complaining about your numbers, how your team is not duplicating, someone said no to you again, well lets get your head on straight.

Perception is Projection

Whatever you believe about yourself and your business you project from yourself.  It could be in your tone, body language, or how you carry yourself.  Every one of us have little mental hangups about ourselves and our business.  Its natural because we are imperfect people living in an imperfect world raised by imperfect people, so welcome to the club.  You have to be stronger to work through it.

As my confidence grew in what I was doing and myself I started getting less objections and less questions.  You see people are starved for authentic leadership.  People want to be part of something.  There are big companies out there that have thousands of reps that don’t do anything but they go to all the meetings and national conventions and all that because we all want a sense of belonging.   So do you want to be that leader that others want to be with, project it.  How do you project that? You change your way of thinking, and you make your actions follow.

How To Change Negative Thinking

Now we change our perception and the way we think by replacing negative thinking.  Now think back in the Bible about the principles of the sower and the reaper.  What you sow you will reap.  So we are going to replace all negative and non income producing activities with positive, profit producing, empower activities.  We are doing this because whatever you fill yourself up with, well that’s the only thing that can come out.  Try this for 7 days every day and tell me how u feel at the end.  You may want to see step by step process of going on a mental fast here.

Everyone at all times experiences the same feelings with this business, real leaders experience them, recognize them as feelings and choose to move past them regardless of their past circumstances.  You have certain blocks at certain levels in building your organization sometimes mental blocks and if you can get to the root of them, its easiest to deal with them, recognize and eliminate.  You may want to spend some quite time alone or in prayer and trying to get to the root of what stops you, what are you afraid of, when you figure it out, voice it to your upline and have him/her help you move over the hurdle together.
Fill yourself up with positive uplifting messages.  We are a product of the environment we surround ourselves in.  Get in the Word of God is the best advice or book/resource I can suggest.  It has helped me in every aspect of life.  Often times all these success cds we are listening to are biblical based principles just repackaged in their own way.  The quality of the voices you hear will determine the quality of your consciousness.
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  • Diana M Fitzgerald

    February 5, 2012

    Thanks Ron, This is some good advice. It seems like there is always someone or something that is trying to sneak the old negative thoughts in.

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