What To Say and Do at Networking Events

What To Say and Do at

Networking Events

Networking events are decent places for you to meet people for your home based business opportunity.  I sign up people I met at networking events probably about 3 out 5 times I attend one.  Whether you like it or not you have been networking your entire life.  Now you are just doing it with a slightly different purposed.  I don’t care what industry that you are in you have meet people that can give you referrals, you can give referrals to, advertise with, or use the services of someone you met.  Network marketing is the exact same way!

What To Say at Networking Events (Video)

If you go into the event not being addicted to the outcome of signing someone up you will do better. What I’m saying is just go in with the outlook, im just going to meet a bunch of sharp people. Your number 1 goal is to make connections with people.

Networking Event NO NO
Do not pitch your business! I dont pitch I just meet people, if they ask what I do I tell them I promote gold and silver from home. Because my goal is to get contact information and see if there are any potential canidates I wouldn’t mind working with.

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  • Sarah Bailey

    September 18, 2011


    You are so right! So many people try to pitch their MLM businesses right off that bat and it is a huge turn-off for the prospects. Much better to sit back and listen to them and start building a relationship with them. Get to know them and find out if you even want to do business with them.

    Sarah Bailey

  • Ron Gelok

    March 13, 2012

    @Sarah Bailey – you nailed it

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