What To Say to Get MLM Lead Callbacks

What To Say to Get MLM Lead Callbacks

Have you ever asked someone to watch your presentation and they promise they will watch it just to find when you call back, no answer?  Have you heard, “I’ll call you soon as I watch it.”  These are some of the typical things that happen with prospects.   Ever wonder why that happens? Lets get into it!  Today’s post is talking about how to leave an MLM voicemail, how many times to call a prospect, and what do you say to your prospects to make them call you back."phone mlm voicemail"

Why Don’t They Answer or Call Back?

It can be frustrating in any situation when you expect someone to be there or keep there word and they don’t.  Rarely will anyone ever call back so don’t even set up your calls that way, you should be calling them.  When you call your prospect and they don’t answer its because they haven’t watched the presentation, its not for them, they think there going to get “sold,” and/or something happened to them and other things are more important at the moment and thats life.  Don’t take any of these things personal.  It has nothing to do with you.  Its important to understand that your prospect watching or not watching the presentation, either way you don’t care, you are building an empire and you need to go help more people anyway.

“Everyone wants to sponsor that 1 Person that will make or break your business, but that person is you.” – Ron Gelok

3 Step Voice Mail Message – How To Leave MLM Voicemails

When calling a prospect after they have watched a presentation I will call them a maximum of 3 times.  We don’t chase beg or bug, we remained postured.  Here is exactly what I say and when I make my calls.

1. Hey there, we were supposed

"mlm voicemail"

Alligator in my Backyard Today!

to talk at this time, call me when you get this. (leave this message at the scheduled time)

2. Hey _____, just wanted to make sure your ok, talk soon(24 hrs later)

3. Hey _____, clearly this is not a fit for you, no worries I understand, good luck to you and don’t worry I wont call you about this again and you won’t hear from me(48 hrs later, last and final message ever)

This last and final message is when you will get the majority of your call backs.  What this last message does is a take away.  I will never be calling them again about my business so the opportunity has just been taken from them.  Everyone wants what they can’t have and this is why this last voice mail message for mlm leads is so effective.

I learned this stuff from the leaders inside of My Lead System Pro.

Have fun with your calls

Be Blessed,

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  • Robert

    February 18, 2012

    I like this advice. However I never give up on a prospect I simply put them into a lead nurturing campaign and move on. When they are ready they will call. I think the point is that you have to pressure
    them in a nice way,,,,, I would like to credit for what I am going to share but I learned this while doing research on a competitor. I had posed as a potential client to obtain information on a competitors product and the sales rep called me a few times and then started to email me….
    After a few emails he wrote hey Bob I understand this may be the wrong timing, just let me know so I can take you off my keep following up until the customer hates me list. I laughed replied that i was just doing research and had no purchasing power …….My competitors email was funny and effective, So much so, I now include IT in my canned emails ready to go…..
    thank you much


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