What Your Mind Needs To Be Unstoppable

A lot of times in our industry people don’t experience the results that they initially set out for.  Why is this?  Today I had an interview with a friend of mine who is an experienced network marketer from Amway Global.  What he explained was pretty simple.  A network marketing business has one of the highest ROIs and income possibility than any other industry when looking at start up costs.  Think about it, its what, a few hundred bucks to get involved in a business that has the potential to make you tens of thousands a month.  Regardless of the incredible opportunity to build wealth with such incredible low overhead, that is the same thing that kills most people. “oh its only few hundred bucks, I spent that in the city last week no big deal.”  See a lot of people have that attitude because its such low risk and cost its pretty easy to put your business on the back burner and sometimes even forget about it.  People are not used to having this kind of power in their hands and often times there not sure what to do with it or how to build it so they get discouraged and quit.

But what if you could be unstoppable?  What if you had the power just to crush it and get that business ramped up where you can live that dream and have the freedom that you are after?  The key to unlocking your full potential is in the mind.  We create our barriers and obstacles for ourselves why we can’t be successful, its all in our heads as crazy as that sounds haha. So How do you get rid of that mental conditioning?

Crush It

Crush It is a powerful book by Gary Vaynerchuk who built a wine business from a couple million bucks to a $60 million business and reinvent the rules on his own terms.  Gary showed me how to crush it in my business using social media and also having a certain mindset to just freakin do it.  No obstacles, no barriers, just get down and dirty and get some results.  You’re passionate about your business then its time to put that passion into action and cash in on it! Here is my review of Crush It and what it did for me…

GO For No

Lets say you been hearing people say no to you in your primary business. Now that can be discouraging, but it doesn’t have to be.  Its your attitude towards hearing no which is going to dictate how you feel about your business, yourself, and other aspects of your life.  I went through a powerful audio training called Go For No! Which conditions your mind to not associate a negative response to someone saying no to you.  Heres what I got from it and how my business has changed…

These are my favorite and highest result producing resources that shaped my mind to be a success in network marketing.  People say to me, “thats cool it worked for you Ron, but I don’t think it will work for me.”  Well people with that attitude it won’t work for you, its the truth.  How is that attitude working for you? Serving you well huh?  Why not try something new on, if something isn’t working for you in your life or in your business cut it out and get down to what works and start living how you deserve.

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    August 23, 2010

    Hello Ron, A great article and videos telling how to get motivated into the network marketing business. Attitude is everything if you will succeed. You are a true leader. Thanks, Andrew Gallop

  • Brian and Felicia White

    August 24, 2010

    Fantastic post Ron! Going for no’s and having the right mindset is where the money’s at!

  • gelokron

    August 27, 2010

    hey thanks guys, i just met u on facebook to! u guys rock

  • gelokron

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    Awesome blog Ron! Keep it up, I’m learning so much from you

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    thanks jess u rock!

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