Why 90% of Networkers Fall Flat on Their Face

Why 90% of Networkers Fall Flat on Their Face

I recently spent some time with some people who were diamonds in a company that ryhmes with bamway.  Now I am not a member of bamway but I believe that organization to have some of the best training and produces some of the best leaders in our industry.  I asked each one individually this question,

one gentlemen answered, “I don’t know if I would want work with someone unless they had a big enough why.”

You know that really made me understand the importance of having a vision.  It really hit me hard and I got it, it just clicked with me.  Watch this video below and let me know how it sounds.

Imagine how powerful you can live your life when you are working towards your vision!?

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  • Arnold Watson

    August 5, 2011

    Thanks for sharing this video. I too am a christian and believe in faith and hope. It seems like a crime in today’s world to admit to being a christian and I applaud you for doing so! Keep up the great work Ron.

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