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Yo  Yo Networkers!!! The name of the game is network marketing eh?  We should probably do some marketing then huh.  There’s a certain something that is vital to any business success.  So why should network marketing be different?  Every successful business in the united states has marketing to promote their products and services.  Sadly I see a lot of networkers missing this crucial step!  Just doesn’t click does it.  I mean what’s the second word in our industry “Network Marketing.”

“But Ron, I don’t know how to market.”  No problem because in this post I’m going to show you some of my marketing and how to create marketing plan for your business.  Now there are two big ways to build a network marketing business, offline and online.  You want to be a hybrid and do both.  The two methods will interact and correspond with each other.marketing for network marketers

Marketing Plan

Step 1. Would be to define the problem, or what you are trying to accomplish

Step 2. Pick a message and strategy to pursue (this also includes picking your target market)

Step 3. Pick Marketing mediums to get your targeted message out there for example: I started with facebook, then youtube, the blogging, and a few other things that going to stay secret for awhile hehe

Ok So what does this plan actually entail?  With any business you want to make measurable and realistic goals.  Some goals to start will be: generating your first lead, then 10 leads, 50 leads, 100 leads.   So once you can learn to generate leads it comes down to doing it consistenly.  Make new goals like 10 leads a day from youtube, 25 leads a day everyday, and then continue to expand as your business grows.

It is better to choose fewer strategies and give more focused attention to 1 or 2 strategies rather than spreading yourself too thin. You will add more strategies once you are more proficient with your first 1 or 2 strategies and generating traffic and leads.

You need to have a marketing plan for your network marketing business.  I learned how this and learned how to market from lead system pro.  I created my marketing plan with the help of brian fanale and Norbert Orlewicz. Top Income earners and the creators of the number 1 attraction marketing system on the internet.

IF you need help with your marketing plan and picking the right strategies get in contact with me and I will help you.

How to Use Offline and Online Marketing Together

You can promote offline events through facebook, youtube, social media sites, and whatever else you can think of!

On the other side, people that you know and meet you want to be able to send to a website to do the presenting and explaining for you.  You should not be explaining ever.  Use 3rd party resources to do it for you. Why? Your prospect is watching what you are doing and subconsciously asking themselves can I do what he/she is doing?  If they think they can’t well pretty obvious they are not going to join.  But when you are offline if you can simply invite to a website, send a video, invite to a lunchin, or hand them a dvd on your business these are awesome simple, duplicatable ways to grow your business offline.

So for most of us our friends that we have we have befriended on facebook.  You made these friends offline, you can call them or send them a FB message to catch up.  After you have built some raport share/invite to view your business IF they express an interest.  You can also use facebook to invite people to a home meeting or lunch in using the events section of facebook.

What the key to making it is staying consistent, doing what you need to do even when you don’t feel like it.

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  • David Adams

    September 2, 2010


    Thanks for the phone call today. You always have great words of advice. The same for what you share online. I hope we get to meet up sometime in person. Take care.

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    implement what we talked about and you’ll start getting more reps

  • Internet marketing SEO

    September 5, 2010

    Online marketing should not be necessarily difficult. Despite the fact that there are strategies that require a certain level of skill and experience, most promotional activities on the internet today can be done by any devoted person. Easy things can go a long way. Actually, these fundamentals can even serve as the foundation to your success in a long term. In the end, no one cares more about your success but you.

  • gelokron

    September 7, 2010

    this is true the key is being the devoted person. What can be difficult is the learning curve, it takes time to get good at internet marketing.

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    I’m a recent grad just trying to learn more about the advertising industry and I really enjoyed your article. Keep up the great job!

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