Yo Tito! What’s With Life’s Surf?

Ocean Waves and Life Waves…

How to Surf With Them

Today I have something special for all of you.  A good friend of mine Tito, is a surfing entrepreneur and lives in this world differently then most.  Maybe its how he views the world or how he lives passionately.  Either way I have asked this powerful man to be a guest author today on my blog to bring you some golden nuggets.  I know you will enjoy what Tito has for you today! Surfs up!  Don’t forget to check him out here.

"the surfing entrepreneur"Aloha Friends! I am humbled and honoured to have been asked by my friend Ron to write a guest post on his very successful blog. When Ron and I met for the first time in Maui, I knew instantly that this gentleman is enjoying life and is genuine. And yes he is also successful in his business, from my definition of success, because he is progressively moving towards his worthy and well defined goals. Ron had asked me to write something which would be of benefit to you. A tall order indeed, as I know Ron provides some great insights for you to succeed in your businesses. However, I love a challenge.

If you do not know, Ron is an avid skateboarder. As we met in Hawaii, he shared that he had learned to surf for the first time on the island. Although this was not my first trip to the islands, it was my first surf lesson ever. On top of that I had the honour to have Titus Kinimaka personally give me pointers on surfing! Learning to surf from a surfing legend opens up your eye to the passion of surfing and like any other passionate sports enthusiast, it provides a point of view on life that can help you transform. As Ron is a passionate skater and I know he wants to surf more, what better topic than talking about how the lessons learned on the board will help you with your business.

Life is a Series of Waves

Life like surfing comes with waves. There are up and downs. If you are not careful you will wipe out and potentially hurt yourself badly. You all know in surfing the idea is to catch the best wave and ride it in. However, in order to catch that wave you must paddle out; while you do this other waves come to you. The technic is to get onto your board and push the tip down to dive under the wave. Doing so will help you get out further and there will be less struggle against the incoming wave.

Sometimes You Must Duck Under

In your busness, when you start out, you will also attempt to catch that wave. Finding the individuals who will understand the opportunity as much as you do. Now you know that when you start, you go out there looking for the like minded individuals; however,  you will hear more of the people who don’t really see it. These are your incoming waves. You MUST get on top of your board of opportunity and duck under those who don’t see the opportunity and move on to those who are awaiting to see it.

You Must Paddle

In my lesson, I had an instructor/coach who helped me choose the right wave and provided some pointers on where to stand and when to get up. My instructor held on to my board and when a good wave came in, he would give me a push to help propel me forward. However, while doing so, he would yell out: ‘Paddle, Paddle, Paddle. 4 good strokes. ‘ This was to help me gain speed and meet the wave; once that speed reached he would tell me to stand up and ride it in.

In your business, you have a coach/instructor, Ron. He is a very supportive, with great experience in achieving success. He will give you pointers, he will hold your hand in the beginning; but you will not catch the wave if you do not paddle yourself. The work is done by YOU. The success is achieved by YOU paddling and standing up. He will send out the pointers but the work is all YOURS. In achieving your success, don’ t forget to PADDLE!

Sometimes You Will Miss A Good Wave

The first set of waves I caught, I lost my balance and fell off. I could not ride it all the way in. When that happened, I took my board and paddle out again, ducking under the incoming waves and started over. I thought about what I needed to change/correct on my next ride in. I would ask my instructor what he noticed and what I should do.

You might be starting in your business or you may be at it for a while now. Make no mistake,  you will miss a good wave once in a while. Get back in and paddle out. Meet more people. Attend seminars/workshops. Read books. Get out there and do it all over again. The Best Wave is always yet to come only if you get back out and paddle.

So there it is my friend. Surf away to Success in your business. My TYPS for you.

1) Paddle Out and Duck Under the Incoming waves
     Talk to  a lot of People and Move On Quick from
     those who don’t see it

2) Paddle Hard to Catch the Wave and ride it in
     Work. It is called netWORKing. Social Media. Social
      Live Interactions. Always TALK about your  

3) Get back up on the board when you fall and start all
     over again.  When you fall off. Get back out there. Miss one
     prospect. Go talk to 10 more. Enjoy restarting the
     process again. Learn from your mistakes and
     change what you need to change.

"Surfing entrepreneur"To Your Prodigious Success!! TYPS!!

Mahalo Nuy Loa

Kantharith Tito Kang


As you can see Tito is one awesome dude.  I know this surfing entrepreneur has tons of free gifts for you to enhance your life.  Head over to his fan page right now and connect with this powerful guy. Tito’s Facebook Fan Page with free goodies 🙂

"home based business leader, online mlm leader, uk mlm leader, uk numis network leader"Make it an awesome day!

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