How To Get Your Team To Duplicate In Network Marketing

Hey Welcome to my site! Just for being here I would love to give you a Free Video Training on Exactly How I’ve Recruited 300+ people on Facebook Click Here. Thanks for visiting! Duplication in Network Marketing How to get your team to duplicate is a topic I love training on because I’m speaking to…

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"social media mistakes"

Social Media Mistakes

10 Big Social Media Mistakes When someone starts an online business or work from home program one of the initial thoughts that occurs is, “how am I going to tell people about this!?”  Almost immediately the first idea is to send email blasts and post about it on social media.  However, most people do this…

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"donald trump blog"

Donald Trump Blog

Should Donald Trump Blog? If Donald trump had a blog what do you think it would say?  Would a Donald Trump Blog be bold and loud with his views, opinions, and politics or would be an entrepreneurial cash machine?  Knowing who Donald Trump is, it’s a safe bet to say probably both!  One would then…

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How To Get Leads With Facebook Fan Pages

How to get leads with Facebook Fan Pages is one of my favorites!  This is a simple strategy that anyone can use to easily start getting Facebook Fan page leads, likes, and engagement on their page. What makes this such a great strategy is that it is almost completed 100% automated and you can set up…

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"better than network Marketing"

Better Than Network Marketing

What’s Better Than Network Marketing? When I first found network marketing I was a flat broke college student with a few hundred dollars left to my name.  I had done well as a real estate investor flipping single family homes and understood leveraging your time and passive income. But, when I heard about MLM I…

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"Blogging the best online marketing"

Blogging The Best Marketing Strategy

Blogging The Best Marketing Strategy What is the best marketing strategy? Blogging, Facebook, Instagram, and so many other platforms are competing and which is best to use?  Can we effectively market on all these websites or which is the best online marketing to do?  I’m a big believer in owning your media and building up…

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"Christ Centered Business Coach"

How To Play Big In 2016

How To Play Big In 2016 About this time of year everyone likes to make “New Years Resolutions,” only to fall out of them 2-4 weeks later into the year.  We start will well meaning intentions, goals, aspirations, and dreams of succeeding at a higher level in business, losing that belly fat, and growing closer to…

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MLM Cross Recruiting

MLM Cross Recruiting What do you you when your team is being cross recruited? Have you ever been the victim of a cross recruiting merge in network marketing?  Do you know what one the big illegal activities is in MLM that can cause a tremendous amount of damage!? Not sure what cross recruiting is?  In…

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7 Steps To Starting an Online Business

7 Steps To Starting an Online Business Starting an online business is easier than some might believe.  There are a lot parallels to traditional brick and mortar businesses but with the exception of a lot of upside benefits.  Since 2009 I’ve run an internet business and have failed with many different strategies, products, and opportunities.…

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7 Ways To Create More Time Freedom In Life

7 Ways To Create More Time In Life Are you tired of working all the time? Would you like to have more time in your life to not just do the things you want but for once take a rest? In today’s post I’m going to share the little known time bandits that rob us…

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"Time management for network marketing"

Too Much Time With MLM Team

MLM Team Sucking Up All Your Time? Are you spending too much time with your mlm team?  Is it almost painful to recruit another person because you know they will be asking you questions, calling you, and creating more work for you?  I’ve been there before and have broken free from this and it is…

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Excellence In Business

Excellence In Business One of the greatest secrets of entrepreneurs, leaders, athletes, pastors, and many other people of influence is that of excellence; but not the way typically would think.  I don’t say that plainly or as a blanket statement, let me explain before you write this off as a vanilla flavored blog post or…

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"market any business online"

How To Market Your Business Online

How To Market Your Business Online Are you new to online marketing or looking for some foundation laying steps to take?  There is a tremendous amount of trainers, course, products, and gurus on the internet and to be honest a lot of it is really great stuff, and a lot of it is noise to. …

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"effecitve online marketing"

3 Keys To Effective Online Marketing

3 Keys To Effective Online Marketing Have you been marketing online or studying effective online marketing and wondering how to get the results that the trainers and gurus are getting?  As someone who has been marketing online since 2009, has 2 degrees in marketing and advertising, and purchased around 6 figures worth of education and…

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Network Marketing Posture

Network Marketing Posture Most network marketers chase, beg, and bug friends and family until they sign up or your prospects stop talking to you all together.  This is a way not only become alienated by the people you love but quickly be put in the NFL ( the No Friends Left club).  The truth is…

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