MLM Prospecting Tip: How To Connect and Build Rapport with MLM Prospects

MLM Prospecting Tip: How To Connect

and Build Rapport with MLM Prospects

As more and more people begin to learn to generate leads and recruit faster its up to you to become a better recruiter to stay competitive.  How to connect with your mlm prospects is a critical skill in recruiting.  Lets say you have the ability to generate leads and find people to talk to.  That is fantastic but unless your prospects trust you they will not do business with you.  Lets get you connecting with prospects better than Legos connecting together. To increase the number of people you recruit, check out this MLM Prospecting tip. Continue reading

Online MLM Marketing vs Prospecting

Online MLM Marketing vs Prospecting

With all the advancements with online mlm marketing and lead generation systems for network marketing the question is coming up.  Do I prospect or market?  The ability to get fresh leads for your network marketing business is crucial.  Without a steady flow of leads its going to be really difficult to grow your business.  This post is look at the pros and cons of mlm online marketing and online mlm prospecting as ways to grow your business. Continue reading

How to Succeed in Multilevel Marketing

What You Need to Succeed in Multilevel Marketing

How should we be operating.  Today’s post I believe to be powerful and can change your entire business, if you grab hold of this.  I’ve always done my best to have the mindset that I am prosperous and abundant,  everything I set my hand to shall prosper, and other positive things for my life. Almost all of affirmations are backed by the word of God which I believe to be absolute truth.  If you don’t thats ok, this is not a post regarding religion but it is a post on how I use my faith to grow my network marketing business and how you can to.

How to Succeed in Multilevel Marketing

At some point in your multilevel marketing career you reac"how to succeed in multilevel marketing"h a point of no return and this rare individual has made a hardcore decision to succeed. He or she has Faith that what they are building is going to work and there is no doubt in the mind.  Rejection doesn’t bother them, they have contagious belief, high confidence, and their energy is something that attracts people. How to have success in multilevel marketing because a lot simpler.

Well having faith is great and all but its nothing without work.  See the word makes a lot promises about success, prosperity, and abundance in all areas of our lives but how do we tap into it?

How to Exercise My Faith

1. Have Faith – You see faith is evidence of things not seen but hoped for.  If you have not reached the level in your company your aiming towards but you are still working, you have faith that you will get there.  Faith comes by hearing and reading the word.  Faith comes by putting yourself out there a little and just making a conscious decision to believe.  The more information you put into your head from the word regarding the promises of a better life and who you are the more faith you will develop.

2. Exercise your faith –  What do you mean? Am I just supposed to click my heals and squeeze my forehead really hard until things just happen? Silly talk! You see in the book of James 2: 17-18 ” In the same way, faith by itself, if it is not accompanied by action, is dead.  But someone will say, “You have faith; I have deeds.” Show me your faith without deeds, and I will show you my faith by my deeds.”

You see because we have faith we are going to succeed.  Something very key is said here and its the most important part of this post; “i will show you my faith by my deeds!” So we do the activities that will carry us foward like prospecting a certain number of people everyday, being consistent with your marketing, attending networking events, and ect.  When you have faith that you are going to succeed you know that you are exercise your faith by consistently working towards what your creating with belief that it will work.  Now that is operating from a place of power!  You have faith and because you have faith you work diligently knowing that regardless of what you may see in your bank account and in your life that blessing and increase is coming.  Do not doubt, don’t be double minded, not a position of powerful living there.

3. Perseverance – Warning: You may not like to hear this.  Ever notice how people of greatness have usually gone through some tough crap?  You may have faith and are exercising it but life is still going to happen.  There are days when the bank account is low and bills are at the door.  There are days and weeks where you have prospected 30 people a day and they all said no.  Sometimes distrubutors in your team quit.  Heck sometimes life is just crazy with the kids, work, bills, the dog, a million different things that there isn’t enough time to do.  Well guess what, congratulations.  In James 1:2-5 it says, “Consider it pure joy, my brothers and sisters whenever you face trials of many kinds, because the testing of your faith produces perserverance.  Let perserverance finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.”

Keep pushing through.  Everytime I have pushed through I have come out on the other side more powerful and it was worth it!  James 1:12″Blesses is the one who perservers under trial because, having stood the test, that person will receive the crown of life that the Lord promised to those who love him.”

Lastly, have an attitude of Gratitude and Trust.  Be thankful for where you are and all that you have and have accomplished so far.  Trust the big man upstairs that he will provide and that you will succeed.  You can do this! Success in network marketing is not as far as you think, exercise these principles and continue to prospect daily and you will make it.

If you need help with generating leads for your business use what I use.

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MLM Prospecting: How To Recruit People You Know

MLM Prospecting: How To

Recruit People You Know


Do I MLM Prospect my Friends and Family?

You have the freedom to prospect whoever you want.  Some say yes as its always best to help people who already know like and trust you, others say wait until you have some success to go to the family and close friends.  Maybe this story will help.  Friendly Frank just opened a pizza shop in town.  He makes some of the best pizza you have ever tasted (he is from jersey ;)).  His highschool best friend walks through the front door during the first week the pizza joint is open.  Bob and Frank are so happy to connect and talk again.  Bob is such a good friend of frank’s.  Bob is hungry and came to get some pizza.  Frank, “bob im sorry but I can’t sell you any pizza, see you are a friend of mine since we been in highschool and I just feel weird making money off you.” Bob is really confused by this, I mean they been friends for so long and Frank won’t let him taste some of the best pizza in the world cause he is afraid of what might happen to Bob or what Bob thinks.  Doesn’t this story seem strange?

How to Not Be a Sales Person to Friends and Family

The term salesperson for some reason has taking on a negative connotation and people instantly think used car sales man.  You really need to transition from salesperson, whose 1 objective is sell something, to problem solver, whose objective is to help someone and provide value from an attitude of servitude. How not to be salesy when prospecting in my mlm was new to me at first, then I learned this secret tip!

Learn about the people who are having success in your company and hear their story.  There are teachers, retail salespeople, students, waiters, ect that are all having success in your company.  Use their story while MLM prospecting people with the same occupation or common ground.  Check out this video below for an example.

MLM Prospecting Training


MLM Prospect Warm Market Script

“Hey Johnny McProspect! Hey you are still a waiter right?  Well get this, I was at this event last night, talking with this guy last night, watched this video this morning, ect of a Waiter having a lot of success in this business i just started, he actually reminded me a lot of you! share 1 or 2 details about success.  This may or may not be for you, would you be open to a side project if it didn’t interfere with what you are currently doing?”

IF they say yes

“Just curious Johnny McProspect why would you be open?  just curious, with everything going on in this world, why would you be open to a side project?”

If you ask a prospect, WHY, the prospect tells you why they should look at your opportunity.  It removes you from looking like a salesperson and moves you into the space of being a problem solver.

Need Help expanding your warm market? Learn to use Facebook for Networking from this Free Video

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How To Build Network Marketing When You Don’t Have Time

How To Build Network Marketing

When You Have No Time

Time is a limited resource and your most valuable asset.  The problem is we have so many different things pulling us in all directions all the time it can be hard to find time for your home based business.  This blog post will teach you how to build an MLM business when you have no time.  Whats funny about time is it in the only resource I know that every person has been given equally, 24 hours a day.  Warning, this may be a little hard to swallow but medicine usually doesn’t taste good. Continue reading

Video: How to Get Free MLM Leads

How to Get Free MLM Leads

Getting free mlm leads is a lot simplier than 1 might think. In today’s VIDEO post I am personally walking you through how I get free mlm leads and how you can do this to.  Often times new neworkers are afraid to talk to people in person that we don’t know.  This is a step up to that if you are currently to scared to approach people while you are out.  Whenever I leave the house I am armed and dangerous, I am going to meet or get contacts of at least 5 people a day.  Now when you are working with a strong mentor that can teach you how to get leads everywhere and exactly what to say free mlm leads are simple. Continue reading

How To Eliminate and Conquer Fear That Holds You Back

How To Eliminate and Conquer

Fear That Holds You Back

The one force that I know everyone encounters is Fear.  Fear to talk to someone, fear of becoming great, fear of the opinions of others, and other kinds of fear that cause us to stop.   Now don’t confuse what I am talking about with being uncomfortable.  When we are uncomfortable I’ve experienced the greatest growth in my life and in my business.  Fear is a force that stops us from becoming great.

Continue reading

How 10¢ a Day Creates Consistent Results in your Home Business

How 10¢ a Day Creates Consistent

Results in your Home Business

At your job or business you know what tasks and activities you do on a daily basis.  We know why we do them and we know why they work.  In our industry I am sure you have heard people talk about having “your why.”  Thats fine and dandy but its not whats going to keep you going consistently through the speed bumps of Network Marketing.  If you noticed, everyone has a “Why,” well why haven’t they accomplished the why yet? Here is how to make your why become a reality.

Daily Plan of Action MLM"daily mlm plan of action"

In order to have your why become a reality you need to create consistent results.  This is done by having a daily plan of action.  Industry legend and giant Larry Thompson taught the simple strategy of 10 pennies.  Larry Thompson is one of the founders of herbalife and has earned over 100million as a rep in the field.  He achieved those pay levels with 10¢ a Day.

How Can 10¢ a Day Give Me Consistent Results?

Larry Would everyday have 10 pennies in his right pocket and his goal is to move the pennies over to the left pocket.  You can move 1 penny every time you prospect someone about your business.  Larry would not go home until he moved his 10 pennies.  Now if your only working 5 days a week, thats 50 people a week you are prospecting, 52 weeks a year, that’s 2600 people a year! I like having something tangible in my hands that’s reminding me all day long to prospect.  This made Larry Thompson focused on moving his pennies, not on the outcome or the addiction of recruiting another representative.

You see Larry knew this would work for him.  Larry had his why but more importantly he knew that this simple 10 pennies a day as an mlm daily plan of action would work.  Why does it work?

Why Does 10¢ a Day a Work?

When you are focused on just moving pennies, your focus shifts from addiction and lack of signing someone up to a profit producing activity. This concept of daily mlm action plan will help you to prospect 2600 people a year.  All your committing to is prospecting nothing more. This is the #1 profit producing activity that will grow your business and get you paid, bottom line. I did a detailed company training on Daily MLM Plan of Action and How to Talk to 30 people a day for my primary business, look at this VIDEO POST for more.  It doesn’t matter how you talk to 10 people a day, just matters that you do it.

Need prospecting tips?  Here is my free video on 10 Proven Prospecting Tricks.

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Hasty Harry’s Hectic Home Meeting Story

What Not To Do at

Home Business Meetings

Home meetings to grow your network marketing business are one of the most effective and replicable profit producing activities you can do, period.  Everyone has a home and a TV so everyone can do home meetings, pretty cool.  If you have never done one before here are some tips on what NOT TO DO.  The best way to share this is tell you a story about my friend, lets call him Hasty Harry…

Home Based Business Meetings

"MLM Home Meetings"

Top Producer, Ron presenting at Home Meeting in Naples FL

Hasty Harry just started his new business and is getting ready to have his Grand Opening, his first home meeting!  Hasty Harry is excited to say the least.  Harry and his sponsor will be doing the meeting together.  His sponsor told him:

  •  Make a list of 100 people and invite them all. We are shooting for 10-20 people to attend.
  • Tell them you started your own business, your having a grand opening and would like them to come to your get together to share what your doing and support you.  You don’t have enough time to go into the details but just come to your get together.
  • Let the sponsor run the meeting and just pay attention and watch what I do, consider tonight as practice

The thought of 100 people being in Hasty Harry’s house was a little alarming.  So Harry decided he would call 20 people instead.  That’s more than enough people to be at my house…so he thought.  Out of the 20 people he called 15 said they would come, wow! Harry was pumped even more than before!  Harry told his sponsor, “don’t worry I have great friends and they will all be there.”

Harry didn’t count on last minute cancellations and no shows.  The people said they would be there right!?  Well its now 7:15 and we are 15 minutes late to start Harry’s meeting.  4 guests have showed up on time.  Even though people got there on time, harry is too concerned with all the people who aren’t there! The guests seem a little put off by this, understandably so, they are there on time and are ready to see what Harry is so excited about.  Harry is kinda sad and depressed by all the no shows, but continues on with the meeting.

Harry’s Sponsor is very supportive and comes over to do a live presentation, pretty cool. (we usually use DVDs or live presentation).  The presentation is going along great, but Harry keeps interjecting and asking questions about pay plan, training, and minute details.  Harry’s wife is walking back in forth in front of the presenter to go out for smoke breaks, is cooking food in the background, and yelling at the kids.  Holy cow, not sure if Harry told the family whats going on tonight.  Harry is being pretty hasty and doesn’t realize that this is the time for his guests to check out his business.

The presentation is over now and despite all that’s happening.  There are some people that want to get started! Awesome!  Harry hasn’t printed out any applications, figured he’d sign everyone up online or give them the website and they would sign up later.  Several people say they are ready and are given the website.  The next day Harry looks in his back office and no one has signed up.  After he makes some calls, Harry finds that they have changed their minds.  Harry says to himself, ” I knew I should have had the applications ready.”

Now there are some guest that said this is not a fit for them.  Harry is confused, he doesn’t understand why all his friends are not jumping in.  After all this is the greatest business eve; Harry is very passionate.  Harry begins to ask people why they aren’t doing it, he tries to talk them into it, (he sounds like a car salesman).  Harry doesn’t realize that this is not very replicable and should only bring in people that actually want to be part of his business and are excited.  His sponsor is confused on why Harry isn’t letting the system and tools do the work for him.

Harry ends the night with some confusion, frustration, but still is optimistic.  At the least Harry has learned some important lessons.  What lessons have you learned from your own experience and this post?


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Script for MLSP Voicemail Leads

Script for MLSP Voicemail Leads

Now that you have MLSP its a good idea to know what to say, today we have a script for mlsp voicemail leads.  For those of you who may not know what MLSP does for your network marketing business.  See the last post on MLSP to understand about free mlm leads, automated marketing, traffic, affiliate commissions, and people joining your primary business without you pitching  them. Today we are going over the best voicemail script for MLSP leads.

Best Time to Call MLSP Leads

Most of the time my MLSP leads don’t answer the phone when I call.  The majority of marketers I talk with experience the same thing unless you call right when the lead comes in.  Sometimes I hear my voice in the background from a video they may be watching.  You always want to call your leads and let them know you are here to help.  Calling right when a lead comes in,(even if they haven’t finished watching your video) is the best time to call. Other than that I’ve found between 5 -9pm is prime calling time for me.

2 Voicemail Scripts for MLSP

You: ” Hello, (prospects 1st name), this is (your name) and I was referred to you.  Call me back at 908 123 4567.”

MLSP attracts people who are familiar or already in network marketing.  Using this “i was referred to you” approach the prospect usually thinks your calling for their primary business so although vaque message it gets call backs.


You: “Hello, this is (your firstname) and I’m getting back to you… you requested some information from my website about how to successfully build an MLM business.  I work directly with the best internet marketers on the planet who generate well over 7-Figures and can show you how to explode ANY MLM business.  Head back to, again that’s, for more information and feel free to call me directly if you have any questions at (your telephone number).  I look forward to connecting with you and make it a great day!”

When they call back you inform them,

You: ” you came across my website at and I’m calling to see how I can help you out.”

I like MLSP’s 25 daily voicemail campaign.  They say 25 leads daily but my 13 year old brother has been able to get as much as 74 leads in a single day.

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